21 – 27 August 2022. Retreat Spain, 
one hour from Barcelona.

Open for bookings. 
1995 euro 

🌬️ – Various deep breathing techniques
❄️ – Ice baths and natural cold training
💪🏻 – Exercise and meditation
🧊 – Science and physiology breathwork and cold exposure
🗻 – Excursions 

8-13 November 2022. Retreat in Mendocino, USA.

Open for bookings.  
2500 USD (Early Bird)

🌬️ – Breathing Techniques
❄️ – Ice Baths
💪🏻 – Exercises
🧊 – Science and physiology breathwork and cold exposure
🗻 – Super cool excursions 

Self Mastery Journey

We are organizing a very special retreat weekend a few hours drive from Sao Paulo from March 3rd – March 6th.

I will work together with Wilson and Rajany, both experienced therapists from Brazil.

We will have two groups.

Group 1) 3-5 March DMT Breathwork and ice bath experience. 
Group 2) 3-6 March. As option 1 plus ancestral forest medicine. 

This will be the most interesting thing I have done so far in my teaching career and I am looking forward to it very much!

Retreat in Japan Mount Fuji.

A meditation retreat and a two-day summit of Mount Fuji. 

🧊 – Cold Therapy
🌬️ – Breathing Techniques
❄️ – Ice Baths
💪🏻 – Exercises
🗻 – Summit and stay on Mount Fuji

For now postponed because of Covid. Therefore email me if you are interested and like to stay updated.  

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