1-7 Oct 2021. Wim Hof Method Retreat in Patagonia, Argentina. Open for reservation but no downpayment needed yet. This is a collaboration with Dan de Luis, also a WHM instructor. He is amazing.

🧊 – Wim Hof Method
🌬️ – Breathing Techniques
❄️ – Ice Baths
💪🏻 – Exercises
🗻 – Super cool excursions 

This is the same retreat as above but then 5 days meditation, cold training, breathing techniques and more. Only no summit to Mount Fuji.

Daily meditation
Japanese Zen Buddhist teachings
Cold training, Breathing & Exercise
Ikebana & Calligraphy
Geisha tour with an insider

I have been in Japan 15 times, my children are half Japanese.  Some of them will join for translation into Japanese. After a visit in Japan you will look at the world differently.

Wim Hof Method Meditation Retreat in Japan Mount Fuji. The above meditation retreat plus a two day summit to Mount Fuji. If you like in your shorts. 

🧊 – Ice Therapy
🌬️ – Breathing Techniques
❄️ – Ice Baths
💪🏻 – Exercises
🗻 – Summit and stay on Mount Fuji

For now postponed because of Covid. Email me if you are interested and like to stay updated. 

At this moment (COVID and all) we are not asking people to do a down payment to reserve their spot. We are simply making lists of people that are interested and have the intention to come on one of the retreats. If we know we can travel again we will mail you and see if you are still in. Please mail me to put your name on the list. Please specify the retreat you are interested in and you full name.

Send me a mail at info@timvandervliet.com.

Planned retreats:

Costa Rica 21-27 May 2021 is open for bookings!

Mount Fuji Japan  (Meditation and a 2 day trip to climb mount Fuji) is postponed until further notice.

Meditation Retreat Kyoto Japan (meditation only)

Patagonia 1-7 October 2021 Open for reservation but no downpayment needed yet.

Please email for reservations.

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