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An online program to REVOLUTIONIZE YOUR LIFE by Boosting Your Energy, Reduce Stress, and Achieve Peak Performance

Backed by science

Practical knowledge and techniques.
Directly applicable in everyday life.
Energy and calmness at will.

Proven techniques

Safe techniques that helped 5000+ people in the Western world.
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Straight to the point

Short straight to the point lessons.
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Quick fixes for real life problems.

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Your transformation

Stress relief

  • Instantly calm down when needed
  • Get over anxiety or panic attacks

More energy

  • Get energy in 5 minutes when needed
  • Sleep better

Weight loss

  • Better Health
  • No diet

Mental clarity

  • Release essential neurotransmitters such as dopamine, DMT and endorphins
  • Get your focus back in minutes  

Building routines​

  • A morning routine with minimum effort and maximum output
  • Know which breathing technique to use in any situation

Better sports performance

  • Breathing techniques for strengthen entrepreneurship, training, cardio, and yoga
  • Preparation toward peak performance
35% Black Friday Discount

Control Your Breath

By the end of the six weeks, you have learned everything you need to know about breathing, for the rest of your life.

Every week we will focus on a combination of:

  • Breathing exercises
  • Spine straightening exercises
  • Light cold exposure
  • The use of breathing techniques in everyday life
  • Building a morning routine
  • Science & physiology of breathing and cold training.
  • Instructor insights

Week 1

Intro to breathwork and a morning routine

Energy, health and focus with a morning routine.

Week 2

Breathing basics, position and proper breathing

What is better? Belly – chest, nose – mouth and what position?

Week 3

Calming down breathing techniques

Know how to relieve anxiety and calm down in a minute.

Week 4

Deep breathing breath hold techniques

TT™ breathing, a deep breathing – breath-hold technique.

Week 5

DMT Breathing and healing techniques part 1

In this week we will cover more intense breathing techniques, healing and trauma release.

Week 6

Sports Performance and healing part 2

Know what to do when. Get over new or old injuries. Upgrade your sports performance.

Available Packages


Control Your Breath

Online Course

€597 -> €388 (Black Friday)

 25+ different breathing techniques

20+ hours of instructional videos
100+ comprehensive/instructional videos

6 recorded group coaching sessions

Breathing sessions


Mindset training

Physical exercises that cost almost no time

TT breathing, DMT breathing
Simplified Tummo breathing

Quick fixes for everyday life situations

Specials from guest instructors

Monthly Q&A Mastermind session (for one year)

Lifetime access

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Meet Tim van der Vliet

Tim van der Vliet is from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He is the founder of TT Breathwork, a breathwork and cold exposure specialist, Youtuber, author and a father of 5 children.

Tim started his career as a market maker on the Dutch Option Exchange. After 13 years he realized that his intense lifestyle was not the way to live. He said goodbye to his successful career and became interested in breathwork.

He started out 15 years ago with daily yoga breathing techniques. Tim’s extensive training with Wim Hof and his daily practice of 15+ years has led him to the creation of his own techniques that are simple yet extremely efficient. And his success as a breathwork instructor. Tim completed the Wim Hof Method Academy in 2016 and has been teaching the WHM for 6 years extensively all over the world. Now with his own techniques. 

Through his online and offline programs, and Youtube he has impacted the lives of thousands of people profoundly. Tim now travels the world training instructors breathwork and cold exposure.



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