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Control Your Life

Tim's techniques (TT)

Tim uses 3 pillars in his morning routine to optimize his energy, focus and health. Through simple techniques you will find that you are able to do what you thought was impossible in the past.

Breathing Instruction

Through different breathing techniques and breathing properly you can get more control over your stress response, get a better focus, sport performance, your health improves and you may become happier because of naturally released neuro transmitters. If you can control your breath, you control your life.

Personal Coaching

This is for people who want to optimize their life. My clients are business people, (top)sporters and people with a physical or mental challenge like an autoimmune illness or a depression. Others are looking for stress release or to get in shape without spending too much time.

Instructor Course

Become a licensed TT Breathwork Instructor

Tim is a breathing and cold exposure expert and teaches people very simple and light exercises. Tim graduated from the Wim Hof Method Academy in 2016 and has been teaching the Wim Hof Method intensively for 6 years, until it was time in 2022 to fly out of Wim’s nest. Through his Youtube videos he has helped over a million people. He has physically trained thousands of people to release stress, to become healthier and reverse the ageing process. With a better focus and more energy.  


TT School


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