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Welcome to my world. I help people increase performance in every aspect of their lives through breathwork, cold exposure, exercise, and mindset. I'm the founder of TT Breathwork and a proud father of five. I live in Amsterdam but you can find me all over the world teaching TT Breathwork and cold exposure. My teachings are about giving your life an upgrade. This goes together with having boundless energy, super focus, and a healthy body. Let me take you back about 15 years. I was fully immersed in the financial world as a trader at the Amsterdam Options Exchange, focusing on making profits through trading options, futures, and stocks. I even graduated from the Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) program, making me a highly educated finance professional..

But after 13 years in this world, I was on the edge of burnout. I felt the need for more in my life. More happiness, less stress, a higher quality of my life. I decided to incorporate breathwork and light exercise into my daily routine. This led me to “deep breathing - breath hold techniques”, like the Wim Hof Method. In 2016, I graduated from the Wim Hof Method Academy. That experience changed my life and turned me into a passionate breathwork nerd and teacher. A near-death experience while scuba diving solidified my mission. I now share my transformative techniques worldwide, benefiting lives and businesses. Read More

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Tim is a renowned breathwork and cold exposure specialist, the visionary founder of TT Breathing.

He is devoted to his mission, raising consciousness, with his work.

Tim's transformative journey started fifteen years ago as he transitioned from the fast-paced finance sector to embracing breathwork through the use of daily pranayama.

Eight years ago, Tim became trained in the Wim Hof Method, igniting his passion for all aspects of breath. Four years ago he created his own set of techniques called Tim’s Techniques (TT). TT is a concise regimen encompassing a low-intensity workout, breathing exercises, and cold exposure, mostly accomplished in under 10 minutes. Read More

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TT serves as his foundation for optimizing energy, concentration, and well-being.

Boasting a YouTube following and reaching over one million people, he now traverses the globe, imparting knowledge to thousands of students on the remarkable advantages of breathing techniques, cold exposure, and spine-correcting exercises.

Specializing in corporate instruction, his vision revolves around empowering individuals to unlock heightened energy, enhanced health, boundless happiness, and unwavering focus, fostering a strong sense of well-being.

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TT Vision

By applying Tim's Techniques (TT) people will fix their private agenda problems such as better breathing patterns, losing weight, a less foggy brain, anxiety issues, and so on.

In short, more energy, healthier, happier, and a better focus.

At the same time, consciousness is elevated. Tim's calls this growing from your human 1.0 into human 2.0, your upgraded version.

This world will shift into a safer more efficient and loving place. This higher awareness will automatically diminish poverty, wars, and toxic behavior and increase our collective intelligence and well-being.

TT Mission

Tim's mission is raising consciousness, both on a personal level as well as the planet's. 

A life with more energy, an amazing health regardless of your age, full focus, enough money and getting as much out of life as possible.

This takes on average less than 10 minutes of your morning.

TT is a way to align with life and to enhance your life, both mentally and physically.


TT breathing

TT Breathing is developed by Tim after years of experience with breathwork techniques.

It contains a wide variety of different easy-to-apply breathing techniques, specifically designed to be used in different scenarios in modern life.

You can use TT breathing for your morning routines, preparing for important (online) meetings, highly stressful situations, or even panic attacks, workouts or just being in public places.

Thousands of people, leaders, and professionals experienced the results of TT Breathing.

A study amongst participants proved what we all expected.

  • 97% of participants have an increase in energy by 60%
  • 90% of participants report a 50% drop in stress
    Anxiety levels drop by 50%
  • 94% of participants showing an 85% increase in clarity
    Focus grows by over 70%
  • 98% of participants show a 70% increase in connection with others
  • 92% of participants show an 55% increase in well-being

My mission is to help people unlock their full potential through light exercise, breathwork, and cold exposure.

I believe that optimizing your energy, focus, and health can be achieved with small but consistent efforts.

“Consistency over intensity”

With TT Breathing, I've already helped thousands of people through corporate sessions, retreats, workshops, and executive coaching programs.

Online, I've reached millions through my YouTube channel and online coaching programs.

I specialize in corporate events, keeping things simple and practical.

Currently, I am a trusted partner of world-class leaders and companies. My techniques impact thousands of people’s lives all around the globe.

And with my own university, I'm training a team of breathwork instructors to assist me in corporate sessions. I'm building an elite group of instructors who share my passion

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