Breathwork for companies
The secret of a higher productivity


It is our goal to help employers create a healthier and happier workplace and improving people’s lives. We do this by providing tools to help support employees with their physical and mental well-being. Their happiness and focus increase while sick days decrease. 

Every session is designed to your specific needs and wants. 

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The Ice Bath Challenge

In this transforming event, you learn breathing techniques and to control your breath to such an extent that you are able to lie in an ice bath. This training includes the science and physiology of breathing and cold training, 2 breathing sessions, and of course the ice bath. The ice bath is always optional. 

This is a transformative experience and great for team building. 

One Hour Keynote

A one-hour corporate breathing session is a perfect mix of understanding and experience. It is a great taste of what breathwork can do to increase health, focus, and productivity.

A little bit of the science is explained (5 minutes), then the safety precautions and the mechanics of how to do the breathing (10 min), after that an active breathing session (20 minutes), followed by totally and completely calming down breathing techniques (10 minutes). The last 10 minutes are for Q/A.keynote 

Custom made sessions

We can tailor your program custom made to your needs and wishes

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