Tim van der Vliet

Enjoying life to the fullest


My name is Tim van der Vliet.

I believe I can shape my own life. That I can influence my own happiness, my health and my mental freedom.

I do this by following my own philosophy Zen from Amsterdam. Zen from Amsterdam stands for taking authority of your life in your own hands. You can be inspired at any time and any place but your are the boss over your own happiness, body and mental freedom.

I believe that I am my own Guru and everybody else is. In everything I do I believe I am responsible for my own happiness. I do this by working on my own rulebook, my mind-body-spirit trinity. Mind: learn to think differently. Body:  train physical strength, resilience and energy. Spirit: find out what really moves you and what is your truth. By following my own rules I get more flow on my path and I am able to help others.

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– Tim

“Tim van der Vliet is a passionate, engaging, heart-centered teacher. We are blessed to have him in our lives.”

– davidji, author of ‘Secrets of Meditation