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Rodrigo Pasqualin Rodrigo Pasqualin

Hey Tim, I would like to thank you for our immersion day in Brazil. It was an incredible experience, although we just used simple tools! Everyone misunderstand the power of breathing and cold therapy and we have never been able to learn this powerful tools in a common base. Well it is a strong transformation and it really chance our alchemy.

I was observing your manipulation technique while the first girl that had her feet entirely broken got into the ice bath. At the end u said: beautiful transformation. Well what I can tell?, Your sensibility provides open a space in which creates a opportunity to get into peoples head with such an amazing respect, love and effectiveness. So you help them control their own emotion! You are very kind, funny and a great instructor! It was an honor to meet you.

Well breathing exercises creates an opportunity in our state of mind which helps our control cold therapy. All the exercises really changed my alchemy. I hope to see u soon!

Please let me know when come to SP again 🙏🏼


Stephi Batliner Stephi Batliner
Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

I did a 4 hour workshop with Tim and loved it. It was about the Wim Hof Method and I liked how he explained the science behind it in a clear and understable way. Tim is a very engaging instructor and has a great and welcoming personality. We did breathing exercises and an ice bath in the end. He has a wide knowledge about breathing and cold work and is happy to answer all of your questions. Highly recommend working with Tim!


Felix Taylor Felix Taylor

Tim is an absolute boss! Funny, charismatic and so passionate about his work it’s impossible not to have an amazing time. I can also safely say that this stuff works too, instant stress relief doing his breathe work and cold exposure training. I would highly recommend TT

Desislava Miteva Desislava Miteva

I really enjoyed the weekend workshop! Tim is very knowledgeable and explains theory and science in a very digestible manner.
I learned valuable breathing exercises! Definitely recommend!

Nicholas Burdick Nicholas Burdick

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

This course connects scientifically grounded physiology to ancient breathing techniques which makes breathing simple.

He does this by teaching effective principles which anyone can use to increase their energy and consistently, allowing you to show up for life no matter if you have an hour to breathe or just 5 minutes.

Tim is a teacher who is incredibly generous to his students, he takes time to answer questions and he listens to each person, eager for feedback which inspires him, while offering his own expert insights.
You’ll never hear him say that his way is the only way, and he encourages exploration of all breathing techniques.

This course will give you tools to create and experiment with breathing on your own path with the guidance of a highly generous and insightful teacher. I highly recommend his course.


Elisabeth Reid Elisabeth Reid
Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

Tim was an wonderful instructor. He made the process of learning the breathe work and entering the ice bath calm, informative and safe place to learn in. I would highly recommend Tim and the course. It has transformed the way I see the world and my own personal development. Thank you for your support through the day Tim.


joanne harrison joanne harrison
I was unsure what to expect when I embarked on the course but was so impressed on many levels. Tim is fabulous, fun, professional, knowledgeable and knows how to get the best out of you in a non judgemental relaxed way. I have learnt so much, how to breathe to really make a difference in my life on so many levels. The science part is clear, as it underpins what’s going on in your body to facilitate the change.

There are so many amazing materials to access thoroughly and after the course. Tim had guests weekly that are so talented, they take you on a journey that is just amazing and not to be missed. I highly recommend the course, I am still happier and more relaxed since taking it and have a tool kit of techniques to use when I need too.
Breathing is a fundamental daily activity however, a few simple tweaks and knowledge you will never breathe the same again! Thanks Tim and the guests you have had on the course, you literally have transformed my
Life x

Aron Karmazsin Aron Karmazsin
Tim’s Control your breath control Your life group coaching course was phenomenal. Perfect level of practical, theoretical, scientific and spiritual elements with his fun and engaging teaching style. I can’t wait to continue on the journey with Tim


Pamela Spitz Pamela Spitz
Very happy to have participated in Tim van der Vliet´s Wim Hof Method experience in Rio de Janeiro this week. Tim is the appropriate person to show a grand variety of breathing techniques and has a pragmatic and natural approach to learn and give knowledge about body and soul, without being too spiritual or shanti shanti. I love that. Thank you very much. Pam

Laura Manca Laura Manca
Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

Tim is an amazing coach, very knowledgable and well prepared. I’ve known him for many years and attended many of his seminars and workshops. I highly recommend his online course and keep an eye on his travelling schedule for a workshop in your area!


Richard P Richard P

Very experienced and engaging trainer. His interest in constantly improving and keeping up with the latest health science sets him apart and above most other practitioners.

Ramon Rubio Ramon Rubio

Tim really takes the time to explain the WIM HOF methodology as well as shares some additional breathing techniques to take your breath work to the next level. If you’re on the fence of taking the plunge I definitely suggest you go for it.

Alex vd Wal Alex vd Wal

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

Tim is such a relaxed and wonderful person. I’ve learned a lot from him and because of him also from others. Tim is honest and open about everything he knows or doesn’t know. He shares it all. Since I’ve started his breathwork course I’ve been doing my morning ritual (breathing, exercise, cold shower) on a daily base. It’s just wonderful and amazing that I still do it.
I will continue to learn from Tim and become a breathwork instructor myself.

Edit on April ’22 – I just returned from the breathwork instructors retreat and it was mind blowing, a life changing experience. It’s like throwing gasoline on a fireplace. I made so many steps in becoming Alex 2.0 and for sure I know what my life path is all about♥️🙏

Thanks Tim (and Mahdi) and everybody in the course in helping me grow🙏


Vicky Charles (Single Mother Ahoy) Vicky Charles (Single Mother Ahoy)

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

Tim really knows what he’s talking about; the session was informative, interesting and entertaining and I learned a lot. there were also plenty of opportunities to ask questions and there was no pressure for anyone to do anything they didn’t want to, in terms of both breathing exercises and the ice bath!


Donna Deloudis Donna Deloudis

Amazing & Transformative 👍🙏💫🌬🌍❤
I’ve just got back from a retreat with Tim,what an amazing experience this has been. Through breathwork,cold Training & Tim’s guidance I have taken back my health and control of my life.
I have been able to guide myself out of a panic attack with ease, help other people in stressful suitations,and feel ready to take a bite out of life again! This man is Magic 🌠
Forever Grateful 🙏
Donna Deloudis

Mikkel Johansen Mikkel Johansen

2 day Wim Hof course in Denmark with Tim.
Great coaching and a good pragmatic approach to the teaching.

Alejandro Holguin Alejandro Holguin

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

Tim and his breathing course are both awesome! the course is super complete. There’s enough theory and practice for everyone from novices to those more advance to be able to get a great deal out of the 6 weeks. Enjoy!


Christopher Hague Christopher Hague

Great course.
Tim has both a fun & graceful teaching style. Always opens to challenges, questions & suggestions. The content is extremely practical & informative, using many methods backed by science. Broken down into numerous short, but informative videos which makes the learning manageable. A fantastic wellness programme.

Rodrigo Almeida Rodrigo Almeida

I did the course with Tim in Sao Paulo! Simply amazing, he’s so nice, explain every detail! Highly recommended

Janne Shauna May Riisnes Janne Shauna May Riisnes

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

Life transforming experience! There is something for everyone to learn here. Tim is an amazing, humble and wise teacher. I highly recomend Tim and his course. Thank you Tim!


Martin Jones Martin Jones

Positive: Professionalism

Tim was a fantastic instructor, he was highly engaging, incredibly knowledgable about the method and delivered a workshop that was both informative and fun. Can’t recommend highly enough 👍🏼


Alexandre Fonseca Alexandre Fonseca

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

Amazing energy, sense of humour and care. Expertise combined with experience and humanity. I released tears of joy after one of the breathing rounds lead by Tim and surrounded by a lovely group and had a fantastic weekend! Thank you!


Lindsey Taylor Lindsey Taylor

An exceptional training course for one’s health in more ways then you can imagine. I recently did Tim’s Level 1 training because I was fascinated by the Wim Hoff method and Tim is an instructor.
I decided I wanted to learn more and go deeper around the different elements of breathwork, plus science and other health hacks Tim would share in his course.
Wow…..what a great 6 weeks, I would recommend it to everyone.
It was then only recently I had to use the techniques when I had some severe pain which i thought I was going to have to go to hospital. After using the breathing techniques for 30 minutes the pain had subsided. I was shocked that something like this could work.
My son aged 10 also applied a technique I showed him when he got injured on the football pitch and he ended carrying on playing.
Thank you Tim 🙏
BelieveAchieve RecalibrateDevelop BelieveAchieve RecalibrateDevelop
Positive: Professionalism

I can only say I love his classes and teaching style and can only strongly recommend them to anyone.

If you take the Course, Control Your Breath, Control Your Life
You will learn to Take Control of your Breath your Life and your North Star.

You are the one who makes the decision in taking this Course, You will be the driver of your Health, your Breath, the driver of your life.

The courses he teaches i.e. the Wim-Hof Courses or the Tummo courses(Control Your Breath, Control Your Life) are amazing.

He’s constantly refining his methods and integrating new knowledge into the courses.

It has always been a pleasure attending his courses via Zoom or in person and I would highly recommend him.

He is a very good teacher, he is very warm, down to earth, funny, approachable, and extremely knowledgeable, his instructions are clear and concise.

I feel mentally stronger, more relaxed, more healthy within body and mind.

The Course (Control Your Breath, Control Your Life) helps you manage your mental and spiritual side through the pandemic by keeping a focus on breath as a tool to keep anxiety at bay and to focus on a positive daily routine to becoming a better you.

Namaste, the light in me honors the light in you, all Knowledge is Self Knowledge.

Bjarte Baade Sandal Bjarte Baade Sandal

Positive: Communication

Excellent tutor with a lifetime of experience. Straight to the core of the matter, and paying attention equally to everyone during group sessions. I’ll gladly join him again for the next workshop!


Tjardo Eilers Tjardo Eilers

Very nice experience, definetely pays off. Tim really gives great insights into the the science of breathing and meditation to deal with stress, recovery or everyday life situations. The ice bad at the end was the cherry on the cake!

marie cockerell marie cockerell

A great course excellently delivered by Tim and his team. What an amazing journey thank you


Positive: Communication, Quality

Tim and his invited contributors introduce multiple breathing modalities and modulations.
It is definitely and a lot about real guided practice to then freely tailor to individual needs, goals and contingencies. ++ ++Progressive, structured, flexible and …always pleasant group dynamic. EBrsummer2021]

Mustaf Said Mustaf Said

Positive: Quality

tim carries within him this wisdom of the art of breathing. I consider myself very lucky to cross him on this journey. I really appreciate and commend his teachings. I continue to follow him to learn more and more.

thank you beautiful soul

Paula Menin Paula Menin

Positive: Quality

Great instructor! Would recommend doing the Wim Hof Fundamentals workshop with him.

Serenity Body and Soul Serenity Body and Soul

It was a great experience. Tim is very knowledgeable and professional. Highly recommend.

Benjamin Waite Benjamin Waite

Awesome weekend. Lots of great learning from Tim’s experience. I will be back for more in the future

Katarina Pedersen Katarina Pedersen

Tim is a truly passionate, down-to-earth and friendly Wim Hof Method coach. I did my first steps with him few months ago, and I have participated in an Advanced course with him recently. I overcame my biggest fears – it was easy with such a teacher! 5 stars and highly recommended!

Ivar Hillestad Ivar Hillestad

Positive: Professionalism

Really inspiring👌 Tim is a fantastic teacher/instructor!


Shola .A Shola .A

Incredible experience. Thank you for teaching us

Knut Marius Garnes Knut Marius Garnes

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

A great guy with good teaching abilities, and a winning spirit!


liviu hru liviu hru

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

Great experience, would definitely recommend!!!


De Fysio Man De Fysio Man

Ik kwam Tim vanmiddag in Duinrell tegen en we raakten aan de praat toen we aan het wachten waren voor onze attractie. Vol passie en enthousiasme sprak hij over zijn ademtechnieken die hij in zijn leven heeft opgedaan en waarvan hij mij er eentje leerde. Zijn zelfontwikkelde DMT ademtechniek. Binnen 5 minuten leerde hij mij deze techniek die een totale vloed van rust over mij heen bracht. Als fysiotherapeut heb ik de afgelopen jaren veel ademtechnieken geleerd maar deze is anders en heeft een hele snelle en bijzondere uitwerking. Ik heb me meteen ingeschreven voor zijn cursus want ben ontzettend enthousiast.
Dank je wel Tim dat ik jou tegen het lijf liep. Ik kijk uit naar jouw cursus!

Gr Olaf


Suus Suus

Beforehand, my intention to join CYB-CYL was to extend my cold workout, do longer daily breathing sessions, and train harder. But by following the videos and the question hours that belong to the course, just the opposite has happened; shorter time in the cold (much better for my body), 1 session of 20 min daily from his you tube community and I participate very calmly in the movements. Tim has taught me to listen to my body much better and to put my ego aside. He gives a lot of personal attention, is professional and answers your emails quickly. Really recommended.

Carol Dias Carol Dias

(Translated by Google) Tim and the way he transmits his knowledge is wonderful. I highly recommend his course!

Tim e a forma como ele transmite seu conhecimento é maravilhoso.Super recomendo seu curso!

Dirk-Jan Kloppenborg Dirk-Jan Kloppenborg

(Translated by Google)
Had a super relaxed WHM workshop from Tim. He is enthusiastic, convincing and authentic. At a nice and beautiful location you will go and push your limits with regard to breathing exercises, mindset and cold training. Highly recommended 🙏

Jeroen Spaink Jeroen Spaink

(Translated by Google)
A very enthusiastic person who can explain everything well and takes the time for you. Since I (almost) every morning do the 5 Tibetan yoga exercises, I notice that I am more flexible and start the day with more energy. Thank you Tim!


Rachel Theuns Rachel Theuns

(Translated by Google)
Super good workout! Attention, personal, professional and complete.
Highly recommended.


Antal Santcroos Antal Santcroos

(Translated by Google)
30 years ago, a golden guy clearly saw which path I was taking that ended well


Jan Matveus Jan Matveus

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality.

Martin Makarevitš Martin Makarevitš

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

Jalmari Niemi Jalmari Niemi

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

bartek mojsa bartek mojsa

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

Adrian York Adrian York

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

Kift Kutt Kift Kutt

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

Vladut BirguVladut Birgu

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

Wim Hof Method Testimonials

Bas Kuilman
10 April, 2022
Good experience. I got a good understanding of the fundamentals.

Paraskevas Avraam
13 March, 2022
Life changing, inspirational, transformational and informative day. I did my breath exercises this morning. Thank you Tim and of course Wim

Anisa Berberi
27 February, 2022
Thank you

Jesper Stam
24 January, 2022
Just very happy with the guidance of Tim. Thanks!

William Cole
Tim you’re a legend! Thank you Tim!

Incredible experience, can’t wait to implement everything we learned. Tim is amazing!

Mary Deigan
6 December, 2021
Great experience and Tim is a very inspirational teacher

Peyman Dadgar
6 December, 2021
It was a little clod and the train not ideal. Could have been slightly cheaper but overall great course.

Great job and looking forward to new ones.

Vicky Charles
6 December, 2021
A brilliant day with Tim; I learned a lot and took my practice to a new level.

The only (very tiny) down side is that the room we were in was cold while we were sitting down for a long time.

Nubia Cristina Dantas Petrolo
5 December, 2021
I had an amazing experience. Tim had a great energy and massive knowledge. Feeling blessed for taking part on this workshop.??

Looking forward to more!????

Flora Buchanan
5 December, 2021
Enjoyed the day as a whole and very glad I came. I think the instructor lacked a litter deeper knowledge.

Clare Blampied
5 December, 2021
You could charge so much more, and deliver a much better experience, if venue was nicer!

Parking nightmare

Big room, overcrowded, cold, smelly

Why not do a really elegant venue?

Course content and delivery brilliant.

Lauren Burton
5 December, 2021
Everything was great but the venue really was a bit too cold. Thanks for an awesome day! X

Laila Rozemberg
28 November, 2021
Tim is very professional and I had a great time!!!

Geir Rødningsby
22 November, 2021
Tim was amazing. He was checking in on us regularly to see if we were alright. I wasn’t a big fan of the location and venue, but thats just a small thing. Over all I’m very happy I chose to go. I learned a lot of new things as well. Super!

Daniel Thomason
21 November, 2021
It was a bit too long for the amount of content we covered – could easily have been shortened by 1 or 2 hours without any loss of value or feeling of being rushed.

Maria-Kristiina Ulas
21 November, 2021
It is a pleasure to do the breathing in a group. It was interesting to listen to questions and answers, get additional insights into the method. Ice bath was very invigorating. Especially good was the possibility of the second day which enhanced all the experiences- excercises breathing and ice bath. Blissful wonderful days- Tim van der Vliet is an efficient and caring teacher and has inspiring knowledge.

Saeid Persian
8 November, 2021
more food and snacks. Intense Training and too little food.

Marcel de Haan
27 September, 2021
Leuke ochtend gehad! Persoonlijk vond ik het teveel ‘theorie ‘ Wou graag wat meer doen.

De locatie is prima, alleen erg storend dat er naast ons een fotosessie bezig was terwijl er alleen een gordijntje tussen zat!!

Mark Wheeler
14 September, 2021
Hello wim hoff team , unfortunately I didnt make it to my booked course on the 11th of September in london with Tim van der Vliet, I emailed befor the 11 th and was efficiently and professionally rebooked on the next london course in December thank you.

I must say I’ve been practicing the Wim Hoff method since October last year after being told of the magical process,

And I haven’t missed a day ever since , I wake up an hour earlier every day just to fit in my routine befor work days and days off even, I start with 15 to 30 minuets of yoga which I practice in my garden and then go straight into my 4 rounds of 40 breaths listening to wim on my iPad and via my 10 day crash course I purchased for myself all that time ago,

Then if it’s cold enough I jump into my water filled oak barrel in my garden for a few minuets or have a cold shower befor getting on with my day,

I have to say since doing the wim hoff my health and my all round self has steadily just got stronger and happier than I can remember being for the last 20 years, as a young man I was quite the athlete competing at English school standards , I’ve used to do gymnastics , football and rugby for many years and have always chosen to work in physical jobs to earn my living from hod carrier , bricklayer and the past 30 years as an Ariel rigger in the event and film industry, but just by committing to the wim hoff method has vastly improved me all round in a bloody big way.

I’m looking forward to my now booked place on the December wim course in london although that feels a long way of at present, for two reasons , one to just work with a trained instructor and learn hopefully some more about this way of life and possibly looking into becoming an instructor myself, I’m generally very busy all the time but I will make time to learn more about this wonderful life style as it’s amazed me, I know look forward to winter and jumping into the sea which I do at least four times a week as I’m lucky enough to live on a tidal estuary in Essex England and have close access to some amazing places to jump in,

It’s amazing this method and I thank you all very much for what its done for me so far,

Finest regards Mark Wheeler

Tom O’Connor
13 September, 2021
Excellent workshop, Tim is a great instructor who creates a great learning envornment for his students to learn and safely expose themselves to the wonders of ice baths and Wim Hof Method.

Eoin Murphy
13 September, 2021
I really enjoyed both days,WHM Fundamental Cours and WHM Intermediate Course. This was my first WHM course although I have been interested in the method for some time after reading Wims book and doing breathing excercises using the online tutorials. This was my first ice bath and it was a great experience.

Tim is an excellent instructor whos energy and kowledge made the course so enjoyable.

The location was sometimes loud with train noise and gym goers but I was so engaged by Tim that this did not damage the experience too much.

Sharon Juniper
12 September, 2021
I feel so extremely blessed that I was able to attend this course with Tim, He truly put me at ease I’m definitely helped with my understanding of breathing in situations and coping mechanisms. So professional, so funny along with the knowledge that was incredible to learn . Kind regards ???‍♀️?? xx

Giovanni Cordova
30 August, 2021
This experience was memorable. It exceeded all my expectations especially regarding the ice-bath, which was my first one ever. Having someone like Tim Van Der Vliet helping out and guiding my breath during the cold-dip made the whole process truly enjoyable and powerful. I’m still feeling a boost of energy many hours after the cold exposure and definitely more relaxed. My blood circulation to the hands and feet improved with just a 2 min bath. Couldn’t recommend this enough. I’ll definitely try to make this part of my daily routine. Having an ice bath at home it’s really becoming one of my main goals for the next year. 🙂 Looking forward to see the WHM growing and reaching more and more people all around the Globe!

Judith Westerveld
30 August, 2021
The experience was amazing, great explanation of the science behind the method and a great bunch of people. Beautiful location only a bit noisy at times. Will definately recommend this workshop!

Tim Pringle
30 August, 2021
Really enjoyed the experience.

However, a significant challenge lay in the fact we were in an open plan area only separated by curtains. There were other people coming and going regularly and talking away. Also coming into our area to get a coffee.

What i got from the course as well as it’s price, meant the above didn’t stop a really good event, but it definitely is an area for which there hopefully is scope to improve on. Particularly if you are easily distracted by other noise.

Denis Halders
16 August, 2021
I would have liked to see more theory/ science. The explanation was quite basic

Saahil Karkera
3 August, 2021
It was a great session! I loved it, was so great to see that with such little focused attention how much you can improve your breathing.

And the jump in the ice bath was my most enjoyable experience, first two minutes and then six! Loved the guidance from the instructor Tim van der Vliet.

Definitely signing up for the advanced course.

Ula Paszkiewicz
2 August, 2021
What an inspiring workshop 🙂 loved every single minute of it and I could not believe how fast the time flew by. Looking forward to the next encounters with Wim’s Hof method!

Jan-Willem Broekhoven
2 August, 2021
Little bit to much back ground noice at Studio 13.

Branwen Spence
2 August, 2021
maybe next time the studio space could not be shared. The noise from another separate group of people working on the other side of the studio was obstrusive. We were only separated by a curtain.

Diana Van Poppelen
2 August, 2021
It was great doing this with my son who loved it too. Nice people, good instructions and beatiful space. The only problem were the girls next to us being really loud. I have done this course around 4 years ago and I see a big difference. Tim has really grown and is more relaxed and goes with the flow. Nice to see that.


Pepijn Vloemans
29 June, 2021
Instructor was great! For 99 euro I expected a nicer location & setting.

Jenni Iyoyo
27 June, 2021
Tim was a great instuctor – calm, friendly, honest and a good sense of humour. He was very professional and had lots of knowledge, explained clearly the WHM visually and verbally. We had plenty of time to ask questions and he made it clear we could always skip a round of breathing or the ice bath. We had a nice ice breaker exercise to start with and some cool music with our breathing and horse stance. I felt the pricing was inline for a 4 hour workshop. I would have liked more time to have a 2nd round in the ice bath as there was only one bath. I went away feeling calm and energised. I would 100% recommend this course.

Robbert Monteban
27 June, 2021
Tim is a dynamic, enthusiastic fellow, providing well-balanced personal/scientific content with a touch of typical Dutch humor. I felt revived and inspired applying the methods he provided. Would love to go to the next level.

Gary Gordon
14 June, 2021
Really good, inspiring, motivational and friendly.

Tim was a very helpful, caring, and full of information and knowledge and very inspirational, I really enjoyed the course.

Expecially because he taught me how to relax and submit to the Ice Bath.

Sallie-ann Fall
13 June, 2021
I really enjoyed the whole experience. I think maybe 3 ice baths would have been better with the number of people. I did queue for a 2nd go, but the of 4 people in front of me to first 2 were clearly challenging themselves. They stayed in for so long I figured that their 2 friends would likely be doing the same? I decided to go home at that point.

Ana Gabriela Mateo
1 June, 2021
It was amazing! I learned a lot and I felt safe (regarding covid). It was a great experience to understand, to practice and to be able to connect with someone so good at explaining and teaching this methodology.


Santiago Moringa
1 June, 2021
Very happy to have had the opportunity to have a WimHof training in Costa Rica. I was waiting for it.

The pool was kinda small for me, so I couldn’t sit in a natural or comfortable position. All the rest very good!

Francela Rodríguez
31 May, 2021
It was an amazing experience im very grateful with Tim and Lenarde they did a great job explaining all the science behind the method, helping us with the breathing exercises and the cold bath. With me they had extra patience and I really apreciate it, it made me want to go deeper to improve my condition but also to help my patients in a different way.

Daria Kempen
3 May, 2021
erg leuk om onder mensen te komen

locatie prima, kan niet beter ivm alle maatregelen en zo

zeker geweldig voor beginners

Rens goede
3 May, 2021
Vind het een erg leuke workshop, eindelijk een paar vrienden over kunnen halen om ook te starten met de WHM. De ademhaling in groepsverband licht mij niet zo, kon er eigenlijk helemaal niet lekker in komen waardoor ik het ijsbad helaas over heb moeten slaan (geen goed gevoel dat er 10 mensen naar je staan te kijken.

Overal erg tevreden, thanks Tim ??

Irene Brouwer
2 May, 2021
het was echt heel erg leuk en leerzaam. Heb veel geleerd over de ademhalingstechniek. Het koude bad was verfrissend. Ik heb praktische tools om hier dagelijks mee aan de slag te gaan. Tim is ook goed, toffe vent.

Daan gielis
6 April, 2021
The location was very noisy, there were constantly people around, which was a bit distracting and not the best experience.

For the rest it was great!

Frits De Ruyter de Wildt
4 April, 2021
Invigorating experience with a good balance between adding information and being active yourself. Absolutely not “zweverig”, based on basic biology and able to test the theory ourselves.

I’m going to “finish off cold” my showers from now on.

Sara Martinez
4 April, 2021
I was positively surprised by this workshop. Tim is a very knowledgeable and experienced trainer that makes you feel welcomed and comfortable from the beginning. The brething session with the group was super intense (I had practiced before by myself but never experienced that level of deepness and didn’t reach the same benchmark), it was very interesting to experience what a group practice can bring. And the ice bath at the end is just a reminder of what our bodies are capable of. The workshop flowed smoothly, with parts of theory and practice and small breaks to have coffee and socialize or share experiences with other participants. I recommend this course 100%!

Martin Lubugumu
3 April, 2021
The moment I walked into the class I felt the positive aura..

He was very engaging and encouraged us to question everything to develop a better understanding.

He was able to unlock the class potential and give us tools to succeed.

The class was very enjoyable and time moved very quickly.

I would recommend this teacher to my circle of friends as he is exceptional.

Dieuwertje Hezemans
7 December, 2020
Het is goed om de ademhalingsoefeningen een keer te doen met instructeur. Dan kun je je aandacht bij het uitoefenen houden terwijl hij de tijd in de gaten houdt en tussendoor nog instructies geeft. Ik vond de sfeer echt ontspannen ondanks dat ik normaal toch ver weg zou blijven uit Amsterdam met zijn drukke gedoe. Ik heb geen idee wat het gekost heeft want het was een Sinterklaas cadeau maar het was zeker leuk om mee te maken.

Michael Gleeson
30 November, 2020
It was great!

Thomas Groen
30 November, 2020
Would recommend Tim 10/10!

Maria-Kristiina Ulas
28 November, 2020
Was a great experience. Breathing in the group gave so much vibrating energy. The breathing and ice bath gave such power that lasted for days and still have an impact.

The session added strength to go on consistently with WH practice.

Peeter Kirtsi
24 November, 2020
all was good. ice bath duration could have been longer for me, but understandably it would be complicated to have individual setup for all participants

Taavi Lipstok
22 November, 2020
cool cool

Olga Linares
12 November, 2020
Thank you!

Richard doleman
5 October, 2020
It was a great course, and i leaned alot. The location details were a bit confusing, and the space was a little bit run down, but overall it was an excellent experience.

Severine Duhau
4 October, 2020
Great moment, Tim is really good at sharing his passion – I already knew the method, but the great thing with the WHM is that each instructor has his own knowledge to add, so that there is always something New to learn. Very inspiring, thanks a lot.

Robert Talaga
28 September, 2020
’twas great. Tim was a wonderful instructor but breathing together for six hours and then having to put a mask for an ice bath must have been a dumbest thing I have ever done, and I have done a lot of dumb things in my life…

27 September, 2020
Some written explanations to follow adding structure to the workshop.

I loved it indeed qnd wanted to do it again

Rafael Cortes
7 September, 2020
Really enjoy the experience and will for sure join another workshop in the future!

Jan Kes
6 September, 2020
It was a very good experience. Instructor Tim gave us lot of attention and hé took all the time for out questions and personal situations.

Nick Bond
6 September, 2020
Never experienced this before

Christian Mayorga
24 August, 2020
We had a great session with Tim, he knew the science behind the breathing and the cold, he connected with all the group and was able to guide us smoothly through all the sessions. We had a great time. Thanks Tim!

24 August, 2020
It was super good!

it helped me to discover new things inside

Misha Yurchenko
23 August, 2020
It was a lot of fun! In the future, maybe including some cookies or more snacks for people who get hungry. (there were fruits but not everybody wanted that). Pretty great!

Rens Weijenborg
23 July, 2020
Bless youuu

Roberto Saretta
10 March, 2020

Guilherme Beltramini
9 March, 2020
I only knew about the cold exposure, but almost nothing about the breathing exercises. What a great surprise that the breathing exercises were much more powerful that I expected.

Rafael Alvarenga Carvalho de Melo
9 March, 2020
It was a pleasure to meet Tim, he’s an amazing teacher!

Shelby Hutchings
8 March, 2020
I felt like it was an initiation into a whole new way of life! I’m absolutely inspired

Isabel Ponce de León
6 March, 2020
I would suggest To look for more quite places, with more restrooms, no noise…. the information about logístic also can be improved.


Anyway very good experience

Gabriel Levinho
5 March, 2020
Tim was an amazing instructor. He made me feel secure doing the practice and during the ice bath. To me it made a great difference.

I enjoyed the process a lot more than I imagined and want to thank everyone for bringing this workshop to Brazil.

Adelício Barros
5 March, 2020
It was amazing experience.

Daniel Ferraz
3 February, 2020
It was a great and profound experience to me.

Tim was amazing, friendly and supportive. I was able to follow the instructions in a safe and trusted environment because of the level of instructions.

I look forward for the next event.

Dale Miller
27 January, 2020
I am so grateful that I had Tim as an instructor for my introduction to Wim Hof! He had an attitude like the iceman himself, and his vitality and flexibility inspired Considering that there was an instructor in training there, who had never ducked her head under ice water,(?!?) I feel especially lucky to have him as a teacher.

Robert Leenen
19 January, 2020
Tim was een enthousiaste instructeur die de groep op een leuke manier kennis deed maken met elkaar en de stof goed kon uitleggen. Ook de vragen van de deelnemers. Uiteindelijk niet alleen nieuwe kennis opgedaan, maar ook kennisgemaakt met mensen met wie we na afloop in contact blijven. De locatie is ideaal, alleen werd de ruimte later in de middag ook gebruikt door een fotograaf die muziek speelde over de speakers en dat leidde wel wat af. Verder erg tevreden over de workshop!

Sabar Purba
7 January, 2020
Tim made it very simple and practical. Easy to follow. Particularly when giving instructions for the ice bath. And he also shared what worked for him after years of practice. That is a plus point.

Alejandro Alvarez
9 December, 2019
Tim is an excellent teacher with all the knowledge to provide the class. He is a great instructor, willing to explain in detail all the details while being asked questions. Loved this class!

Diego Armando Lozano morton
8 December, 2019
Excellent once again!!

Diego Armando Lozano morton
8 December, 2019
Excellent experience

Tim is a real nice person and very pro

Looking forward to the next one

Rafael Manautou
8 December, 2019
It was great, everything we did today has blown my head, it is incredible, I would continue to use all the things that I learned today! Thanks!!

Gerhard Nandor Pap
25 November, 2019
Brilliant experience and great Instructor.,

Sergio Navacerrada
24 November, 2019
Awakening. I enjoyed a lot.

Logan Merrick
17 November, 2019
It was awesome. We had such a good time, learned a lot and ‘experienced’ a lot too.

duncan collis
10 November, 2019
tim was awesome – the course was awesome – this time was my second time on a workshop and i have found them both to be of such a special material like a spiders silk. the universe found you and then found me through you – thank you for everything you all do and may love shine in all your dreams

thanks Duncan

Leo Pohl
28 October, 2019
Tim was passionate and wonderful, the location was a bit cramped, but ok. (Studio13)

Only Coffee / Tee and Cookies – could have been a bit more for the money, but no real issue.

Overall a good experience to get deeper into the WHM – Thanks!

BR Leo

Andre Dettler
21 October, 2019
It was a wonderful experience with great participate camaraderie.

I would recommend this course to others and felt the instructors were top notch.

Location was ideal, in midtown so easy to access for anyone both in BK and Manhattan.

Group size was also ideal however I would not go any larger.

Katie Rittenberry
21 October, 2019

Simon Tolan
10 July, 2019
I felt extremely grateful to have had Tim van der Vliet as my teacher and coach. Tim has a beautiful gift at teaching that I came away with far more then was offered.

I look forward to his other workshops.

One love brother ?

Dilyana Ilieva
23 June, 2019
Absolutely Brilliant! Thank you for being here!

Alejandro Alvarez
16 June, 2019
This was an awesome life changing, eye opening, excellent experience, Thank you!

Marco Vizcaino
16 June, 2019
Great instructor

Kasper Fiscella
14 May, 2019
Very good!

Lisa-Jane Ryan
31 March, 2019
Tim was a very compassionate, down to earth coach

Amar Carmody
11 March, 2019
I gained much more than I expected from the workshop. Tim is an excellent instructor whose workshop I recommend to everyone.

Ronald de Haan
11 March, 2019
The group of participants consisted of young men only (age 24-32). The atmosphere at the workshop was very macho. I didn’t like this.

Andrea Gini
11 March, 2019
It was a great value for the money. Tim is a great teacher, who knows how to guide you through an unusual (and often scary and uncomfortable) territory

Ces Uygun
10 March, 2019
Tim is a great instructor who is very keen to making sure that everyone experiences the workshop in a joyful and well informed way. It was truly an energy and knowledge sharing journey. Thank you for sharing this amazing method with us.

Rita Thomassen
10 March, 2019
Our trainer was Tim van der Vliet, who guided us with personal attention, giving space for questions and explained the WHM method in details. He also created a safe environment where we felt listened and was able to trust him, and my own body. Our location ( Studio 13, AMS) was fantastic and the group had a nice dynamic with great people. Overall it was a fantastic experience, leaded by TIm. Highly recomend his courses.

Parveen Sangha
25 February, 2019
Perhaps a room to practice skills vs the hallway of a cryo facility would be much better. Overall still a great experience.

Hana Shannon
25 February, 2019
Loved the workshop. Our instructor, Tim, was super helpful.

Gerlinde Brixius
25 February, 2019
Loved the warm personality of the instructor, natural flow of programs and amazing outcomes immediately visible.

Martin Paroll
20 January, 2019

Cristin Walter
13 January, 2019
Birger and Thimm is a great combination

Lenka Svobodová
6 January, 2019
Great experience!

Robert-Jan Lieben
18 November, 2018
Great inspiring and knowledgeable instructor, location could be less noisy and distracting with other crowd

Dominique Barthole
3 July, 2018
This SH#%T is For Real!!

I’ve been watching WIM on you tube for the past year..While vacationing in Amsterdam , I found a one day course and registered at the last minute. We had an excellent coach. It was Tim’s positive attitude, enthusiasm and commitment that I give credit to us all having a life changing experience that made the course exciting as well as possible. I came in with in-digestion feeling exhausted, lack of sleep, worrying about my high blood pressure , afraid of the cold weather and curious to see how Wim’s method work. After the 3 cycles of the breathing method , I had the deepest, most profound meditation that I’ve ever experience, I could not move and was barely breathing!!.

Afterwards,I was able to do the unimaginable- take an ice cube bath for several minutes, control my breathing, observe and manage my pain, do push-ups like I was on steroids. and walk away with a new Fu#k-It attitude. I’m 56 and felt like a 20 year old…I was a new person.

Tim kept it simple and I felt safe. I was so empowered that I took a second ice bath!!

After the course I felt energetic, my body was tingling, my mind was so clear, and went out with a great group of friends. I felt ALIVE, Happy, complete, and content and later slept like a baby.

I think the course is for anyone who wants to take control of their mental and physical healt

Roman Stepanenko
2 July, 2018
The best part about the training was Liam! Tim’s little boy, going about his business during the training. I loved it how Tim would be in the middle of explaining something and Liam at the same time would be climbing on the instructor, this gave it a personal touch to an already amazingly fun training 🙂

Paul Weeden
2 July, 2018
I felt from the one day experience that Tim & his team ran an extremely enjoyable, inspiring & purposeful training.

I hope to come back soon.

Thank you Tim

Ashley Lacour
24 June, 2018
I had a great experience, a great time! and more so I had so much fun! I’ve done many workshops and trainings, but this one was particularly fun, light, yet powerful. None that I’ve done in the past bring you to that place where it is you and you. Tim was an amazing teacher or more so a great guide, and friend. Tim was amazing!!! He was there at my side, giving me so much confidence in myself, just being there and guiding me through the fear, through the illusions in my mind that were really only in the way of my enjoying the greatest bath in my Life. My fight or flight response was at its peak, but Tim help me gain confidence, Trust, Surrender, and I found that Space of ultimate peace and well being, and surrender, I recovered my inner Power, my Energy, and no one gave it to me for the first time in my Life, I recovered:) And I am so very grateful to have had the most wonderful and friendly guide, Tim. Thank you so much Tim!!! I look forward to more and exploring more of the cold, more so exploring more of my Inner Life and Power, and Freedom.

nathan grozaj
18 February, 2018
Tim was fun, motivated and professional. He got us all into a high spirits by sharing his enthusiasm. He is a great ambassador for the WHM. Thank You

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