This is for people who want to optimise their life, for good. My clients are business people, (top)sporters and people with a physical or mental challenge like an autoimmune illness or a depression. Others are looking for stress release or to get in shape without spending too much time. Within a short time you will see and feel the effects of the coaching program.

Two possibilities

I like to help you long term and this is how I work. There are two possibilities: Tier 1 is a more intensive 3 months program and Tier 2 is a one year less intensive program.

Tier 1 – 3 Months Intensive Program

In 3 months time you can change your path, sustainable, for the rest of your life. 

What you get:

Tier 2 – One Year Program

We take it a bit slower in this program. In one year time we will work on your personal development, health and energy. 

What you get:

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