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Become A Certified Breathwork Instructor

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An extensive 3 level program to become a certified breathwork instructor.

Level 1 Control Your Life

Control Your Breath - Control Your Life. Integrate breathing exercises, light exercise and light cold training into your life. Maybe you go from a bad place to a good place, and then from that good place to great. You know exactly how to use your breath in your daily routine, in daily life - especially stressful moments - and how to heal yourself, stay healthy and get energy and focus when you need it.

Level 2 Become A Pro

In this level you learn about not only STummo and TT breathing techniques but also about other breathing techniques. Of course I cannot make you a Soma breathwork instructor but you will understand the difference between current popular breathing techniques. From 3 degrees: the mechanics of breathing, the science and physiology and from your own practice and experience.

Level 3 Licensed Instructor

Learn all the ins and outs of being a knowledgeable empathetic breathwork instructor. There is a special focus on the difference between corporate and non-corporate clients and teaching online or offline (presential). Also you will learn how to set up your business and make money with your breathwork license. Basically all I have learned in the last 15 years of being an instructor.

It is my goal to educate breathwork instructors that are far better than I have ever been. This is what the world needs at this moment.

For those who want to read a bit more

Firstly in level 1 you get to learn all you need to know about breathing techniques, building a minimum and a maximum morning ritual, use breathing techniques in dead moments in life and understand the science and physiology of breathing. 

Secondly in level 2 you will get to become a pro. Not only will you practice STummo and TT basic, intermediate and advanced level more profoundly. Guest instructors will be invited into the program to teach you about Stig Anderson’s Breathology, Patrick McKeown’s Oxygen Advantage and extensive Pranayama teachings from Irina Ivanova. As a result you will learn the difference between all these techniques, in 3 ways. 
1) The mechanics. How to do the breathing technique. 
2) Science and physiology of a technique. 
3) You will practice all these different techniques so you are able to speak from your own experience and be fully authentic. 

Truly becoming a pro breathworker. Note that you will not get any licence in these breathing techniques (licence only for TT™ and STummo) but you will be able to answer any question about breathwork. Which comes in handy in level 3, becoming a licenced breathwork instructor. 

Further more In level 3 you will learn the ins and outs of breathwork guidance. Both for online sessions and “offline” sessions (when you are physically there with people in a room). Maybe more important is that you will learn how to instruct the corporate world. In my view, this is where our teachings have the most impact. Imagine you can help change a management team of a big company, which is eventually responsible for hiring thousands of people. Or that startup that will clean up the sea because they have invented a tool to get the plastic out of the ocean. Helping people raise their consciousness through breathwork. And cleaning up the world. This is my purpose. This is my dream. 

Level 1 and 2 are online only. You can opt for the group coaching program with the online course as aftercare material. Or you can opt for the online course only. Level 3 is part online and part offline. The online teachings can be the group coaching program or the online course. For the offline part we will meet in a retreat for 7 days to make sure you are fully ready to make your impact as a breathwork instructor. And being able to call yourself a professional because you make money and you can sustain yourself and your family with your work.

Summary of what you get and prices

Level 1

Control Your Breath


Group Coaching - 597 euro (incl VAT)

Online Course Only - 397 euro

Level 2

Become A Pro


Group Coaching - 797 euro (incl VAT)

Online Course Only - 497 euro

Level 3

Become A Licensed Instructor

Online + 7 Day Retreat

Group Coaching - 797 euro + 2997

Online Course - 497 euro + 2997

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3477 euro 


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Meet your instructor Tim van der Vliet

Somewhere in his 13 year path in the financial world Tim started doing daily yoga and pranayama techniques. This was about 15 years ago. He became a meditation instructor. Although he was doing over one hour of yoga and meditation every day, he still wasn’t pain free. 6 years ago he met Wim Hof, became friends and started deep breathing – breath hold techniques. He became interested in everything that has to do with breathing. He has reached over 1 million people on Youtube and travels the world training thousands of people breathing. 

Today Tim is completely pain free and became a breathing expert, having practiced breathing techniques daily for over 15 years. To stay healthy he needs only 10 minutes in the morning before breakfast.  

He dedicates his life to helping people go from a bad place to a good place, and then from good to great. 

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