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Katarina Pedersen: Tim is a truly passionate, down-to-earth and friendly Wim Hof Method coach. I did my first steps with him few months ago, and I have participated in an Advanced course with him recently. I overcame my biggest fears – it was easy with such a teacher! 5 stars and highly recommended!


Ian Mcinnes, NYC: There are barely enough words in any language to describe the affect that the weekend had on me. I have spent my entire adult life travelling the world as a trainer / team building facilitator/ singer and performer but have hardly taken any time for self growth. I couldn’t walk for six months until this January due to a knee injury and recently ended a ten year relationship with a fabulous girl..blah blah blah. I was holding in so much shit and the combination of breathwork and the comfortable, safe environment and teachings that you and Avi shared plus the connection with all those lovely people was just beyond anything I’ve experienced. I walked the streets of the city last night with an enhanced empathy and awareness and am brimming with a new vitality and curiosity to go deeper.
I truly hope that our paths cross again. You must be inundated with opportunities that your energy brings.

LOVE to you and a sincere THANK YOU.


Цаце Цацевски: Awesome, just AWESOME. 



Gabriel Carrillo Calderon: I have to thank you Tim. It’s been almost 10 months since I took the course. Everything was going well but I began to realize that I didn’t capture the same energy. I had begun to force breaths to get more oxygen, big mistake. I saw a video of you, and then two more, and thanks to that I noticed that I was forcing my breath, it could have been any other video, there are many, but it was yours, and Im gratefully because of that I saw my mistake. From that moment I have achieved even more potential, I have finally understood how to breathe. So I was getting lost along the way and thanks to the fact that I saw your videos I went back to the Wim Hof method, to the bases, I saw the videos of the course again, now it is even better than at the beginning. Thanks ?? to your video the light went on again ???



Kenneth Schlesien: Much better teached by you then by Wim Hof.. no offence to Wim Hof, but I learn more by you.



Buke Erdican, UK: “It was such a day relaxing and fun at the same time with Tim’s enthusiastic energy. Great healthy life style tips & valuable tools practising with group of people aiming the same. Learnt how to seize our day and life with ongoing practices and a healthy body. Hopefully more on the same path joining Tim and adopt Zen, balance, wellness & health to their life.



Angela H, UK: I have been consistently cold bathing & breathing exercises, less consistent with meditation, I have to push myself a little harder to do it more. In addition, I have been going to the river once a week. The water temperature has been between 4C° & 5C°, outside temperature between -8 and -2 🙂

I have manage to stay in the water for similar periods as when we did it in Amsterdam 🙂 but at some point I feel afraid because I do not know when would be too much and I leave the water a bit in a hurry.

Every experience is fantastic, afterwards I feel recharged and in a cloud, like warm fuzzy inside hehehehe.



Happy Girl: Tim, you have a very kind and patient nature about you. I think this makes you a very good teacher and healer. people really need patience when learning healing methods. You’re voice is also very calming. Thank you for your channel. May God bless you.



Tracey Harley, UK: “The Body Zen workshop with Tim was great, interesting and informative. After only one day of starting the Body Zen training, by incorporating only the standing posture, arm twist and Wim Hof breathing, I already feel more energised and focused.  I already eat fairly cleanly! But my body has started ‘clearing’ out, what an amazingly easy way to get back in flow with the Universe! Am really looking forward to building up to incorporate all parts of the Body Zen practice into my life.  Thank you Tim ?



Gerlinde Brixius, NYC: Thank you so much for your care this week-end, you really outdid yourself. Having arrived with no expectations other than jumpstarting the body – you exceeded those, and the jump start was successful: outbreak of pimples on the front this morningJ only one reason: toxics left through there… tried the breathing this morning alone, but not as powerful….will remember the baby steps and carry on….

Thanks also to Avi – besides many talents, he’s also a great photographer!

Wishing you another successful day in New York, and safe travels back tonight. Perhaps for the long flight back, below a little poem that I love,  for the breath master in you. By Canadian Donna Martin. Enjoy!



Jo Hudson, UK: “I spent a inspiring day with Tim learning the Wim Hof breathing method to prepare for the ice immersion! It was an incredibly useful day packed with tools I can take back into daily life- cold showers and breathing techniques to flood the body with oxygen are going to be part of my daily routine. I also came up against my inner frustrations when faced with the power that my overthinky mind often has over me and so the ice immersion was a huge test in letting go, a wonderful opportunity for growth in itself.”



Marge, Estonia: I’m doing great, overall. I’m continuing with the breathing practice and daily cold showers which, both, make me happier and more productive . My sleeping rythym has normalised and I’m feeling more focused, confident and calm in my everyday life than before the workshop. I still have no idea what to do with my “big revelation” that I had, no big steps towards “realizing” what got revealed but I DO know that I’m on a journey to a more fulfilling life as I recently also discovered and now am studying Dr Sue Morter’s work “The Energy Codes” which is about awakening the spirit and living the best life through breathing, awareness and embodiment. I’m certain that when the next step is being “shown” to my I will go pursue it rather than shy away from it (like I’ve done before), because of some stupid fear 😀
 Btw, it seems that the inflammation in my abces tooth (which I wondered about) has been dramatically reduced. It’s not completely gone, so we’ll see how that goes, but cool side effect, nonetheless 🙂

I hope you’re doing fantastic, as well. Keep up the good work doing what you’re doing, I’m really enjoying your videos on YouTube etc.



Joseph Agnew, UK: Thank you for a really interesting and informative day, I feel like I’ve gained a skill for life all be it in its early stages. I started the day feeling like I had a cold but when I left the hall I felt energised, healthy and alert.



Daniel McGowan: Hi Tim, your course, resources sent after the workshop, and ongoing feedback really helps me gain clarity on whether my daily actions are working for me (body + mind) or against me. So I have gratitude for you. As you say I’m just taking the “baby steps”. I have truly embraced that sustainable philosophy.



Andrew Siurda: I really surrender to your message bro.Cosmic blessings ??.



Eric E: Thanks Tim for another amazing video. Very well explained as usual and I love how your calm energy seems to be absorbed through the screen while watching your videos! Hope that our paths cross again soon :).



Michelle Aldner: Super heathy lunch , glass off gorgeous greens , apples pears kale baobab, with a super nutty granola , with fresh strawberries and grapes banana and Goji Berries with a touch of berry live yougot with added kiwi and flax seeds and organic mix of nettle sprouts wheat grass . Need as much energy as I can master today , busy day . ❤️ inspired by MR Tim van der Vliet ?



Geoff Collinson: So beautifully explained. Everything became so much more powerful for me when i stopped trying to compete with myself let alone others!



M: I feel the super human aspect is what draws a lot of people to w.h.m. I often spend time in awe at how Wim has brought this to us through science, yet the technique is as old as the first breathe itself. Many would not have a bar of it as i’m sure you know! this step you are explaining, that beautiful step of strength through surrender is such a hard step for many to take as surrendering can be tied to being weak. Thank you for the message, life looks good bro! keep it up.



Lucia Konickova: Amazing video as always! Thank you so much for your time ⌚ ?. All blessings ? Also.. there is no way ? I would feel nothing with these techniques! I feel million dollars when I practice them and when I did it first time I was like “why I haven’t heard of this before?” it did blow my mind ??? It connects me to the present moment and my innerself. Thank you ?.



Thunderybeans: Good stuff as always. I learn something new and cool each and every time. Awesome. Thanks, Tim. You totally rock.



Uncle F: These video’s are great Tim, I’ve been doing WHM for 2 years, I’m a 10 Week course guy; but these insights are fantastic. Hope you are doing well. Greetings from Scotland!



Lucia Konickova: Great coaching as always and easy to understand! ??Thank you so much for all your time you are giving to others “Tim Curly Hair” ?‍♂️ ? Your kindness will be return to you many times more ?.



Andrew Siurda: Hi again bro, had couple breathing session today one in the morning and one just now and what I want to share with you is that when I was thinking during retention about it would be great to catch up with you in the future than Moments later I could feel your presents almost next to me as you were here with me. Cosmic alignment bro.



Dean W.: I’ve always had problems with rite #2 because it caused pain in the right side of my lower back and hip. FINALLY I modified the exercise myself (after hearing a prominent You Tube chiropractor denounce it) … am HAPPY to see it’s performed in the SAFE way here in this video and that my instincts were right! Other than this , the Five Tibetan Rites are AWESOME. Great video!!

Etienne Schwarz: Thank you Tim, always like your videos, you’re doing a great job ~> bravo, keep it up 🙂 ♥

Peter Maharajh: Tim, your videos are so wonderful. I keep discovering something new on your YouTube channel. I am somewhat perplexed by people who seem so serious and are anchored by the illusion of rules only to challenge your suggestions. There have been some comments on your videos that make me wonder why they are even on your channel. I really enjoy your playful demeanour and useful information. I liked listening to Sadhguru until he started getting kind of preachy. I guess it is part of the human condition. You seem so open minded. I have a 3 year old girl and would like to offer her the ability to experience something in the way of mindfulness in her preteen and toddler years. I am over 50 and it took a long time to see the beauty of such practice. If you have any thoughts on encouraging this in kids I would greatly appreciate your ideas. I hope that you are able to keep helping people like me. Thanks again.

Lucia Konickova: This practice I’ve discovered trough these videos literally and utterly brought me back to the life!? I still can’t get over it how powerful it is, how it brings me to the state of inner peace, tranquility and it takes me so wonderfully to the present moment. I love observing what it does to my body… I totally trust my body and I believe that my body & mind together are so intelligent that I just allow my intuition to guide me with the actual breathing.. So what I mean is that I follow the video and with depth and strenght of the breath I let my intuition to guide me. But I feel fantastic afterward so I must do it right, huh?? ? I am still so grateful how life recently surprised me trough this new discovery for which I am grateful to you Tim” curly hair ” for sharing/teaching us. ? I am hooked up and I doubt I will ever stop breathing like this as I love what it does to me. I haven’t felt this inner peace in years if ever really like this before…. It’s totally new state of inner peace for me?️. I get now look forward to a next day morning session when I open the window for a fresh air and breath on the empty stomach. I like to do this on empty stomach when I am feeling light. I gather I used to breath very shallowly until I discovered this. It’s an amazing tool and I know its going to be very helpful on my life journey. Thank you, thank you, thank you. They say “All we need is love, I now say : ” All we need is more air and love will follow! ” ??? All blessings and thank you. ???

Philipp Stoerring: Hi Tim, for me this video is a great support. I’m in WHM breathing for about two years now and acoustic support is very helpful for me. Your approach is very relaxed, but effective. So for me this is also a very good video to send to friends who have not been into WHM breathing before. As you play no music, it is also possible to play own music along. I like that. Thank you for your help!

Maurício Vieira: Absolutely fantastic!! I am very thankful to you for this explanation and teaching! 100 times thank you!!

Julian Hill: More and more often I wonder how many people do WHM it’s must be hundreds of thousands maybe more . one day everybody will be familiar with it hopefully . what you doing is very important , thank you.

John Whitaker: Inconspicuously getting hi on you own supply.

Babali Boon: Yo, I’ve been wanting a silent version of the method forever! Thanks, you’re amazing!

Peter Maharajh: Thank you – this video is excellent. I am so thankful for your efforts to share your knowledge. So many of your videos have been helpful for me.

Mary Leck: Thank you for sharing your insights in this and other videos. Very helpful for me, even after practicing WHM for approximately one year.

M: Woot there goes the dmt, that was intense as fuck, second time that has happened last was like 9 years ago, thank you! thank you so dam much. that was on he first hold i forgot the “I”, just patterns and the resonance of being. As an architect will work with his brush to uncover a relic, i must do the same to discover myself.

John Snow:  Dude you are so chill to listen to. Love your energy and no BS advice. ??

weird sensation lately too, I feel it’s related to the breath work. I feel like there is an electrical pulse from the base of spine, that travels slowly upward my spine, when it hits the base of my skull wow!! Total peace. Like natural high. I wonder if anyone else has felt this. Beautiful, thank you brother. Bless up.

Erin Coldrick: Awesome!! Thank you so much for posting this!! Love your videos!! They always help!!

Leonardo Leiva: Thanks for the video, I was searching for an explanation of this method and everything you told is in fact very logical, greetings from Buenos Aires.

Aniera Sirrah: This is what I was looking for. More practice, less talking… Thank you, you are awesome!

Chris Helgerson: On my birthday too! Thank you for showing me what is possible in life. I have just begun to watch the videos and try the techniques.

Simon Tolan: I felt extremely grateful to have had Tim van der Vliet as my teacher and coach. Tim has a beautiful gift at teaching that I came away with far more then was offered. I look forward to his other workshops. One love brother!

Dilyana Ilieva: Absolutely Brilliant! Thank you for being here!

Alejandro Alvarez: This was an awesome life changing, eye opening, excellent experience, Thank you!

Marco Vizcaino: Great instructor.

Kasper Fiscella: Very good!

Lisa-Jane Ryan: Tim was a very compassionate, down to earth coach.

Amar Carmody: I gained much more than I expected from the workshop. Tim is an excellent instructor whose workshop I recommend to everyone.

Andrea Gini: It was a great value for the money. Tim is a great teacher, who knows how to guide you through an unusual (and often scary and uncomfortable) territory.

Ces Uygun: Tim is a great instructor who is very keen to making sure that everyone experiences the workshop in a joyful and well informed way. It was truly an energy and knowledge sharing journey. Thank you for sharing this amazing method with us.

Rita Thomassen: Our trainer was Tim van der Vliet, who guided us with personal attention, giving space for questions and explained the WHM method in details. He also created a safe environment where we felt listened and was able to trust him, and my own body. Our location ( Studio 13, AMS) was fantastic and the group had a nice dynamic with great people. Overall it was a fantastic experience, leaded by TIm. Highly recommend his courses.

Hana Shannon: Loved the workshop. Our instructor, Tim, was super helpful.

Gerlinde Brixius: Loved the warm personality of the instructor, natural flow of programs and amazing outcomes immediately visible.

Dominique Barthole: This SH#%T is For Real!! I’ve been watching WIM on you tube for the past year..While vacationing in Amsterdam , I found a one day course and registered at the last minute. We had an excellent coach. It was Tim’s positive attitude, enthusiasm and commitment that I give credit to us all having a life changing experience that made the course exciting as well as possible. I came in with in-digestion feeling exhausted, lack of sleep, worrying about my high blood pressure , afraid of the cold weather and curious to see how Wim’s method work. After the 3 cycles of the breathing method , I had the deepest, most profound meditation that I’ve ever experience, I could not move and was barely breathing!!.

Afterwards,I was able to do the unimaginable- take an ice cube bath for several minutes, control my breathing, observe and manage my pain, do push-ups like I was on steroids. and walk away with a new Fu#k-It attitude. I’m 56 and felt like a 20 year old…I was a new person.

Tim kept it simple and I felt safe. I was so empowered that I took a second ice bath!!
After the course I felt energetic, my body was tingling, my mind was so clear, and went out with a great group of friends. I felt ALIVE, Happy, complete, and content and later slept like a baby.
I think the course is for anyone who wants to take control of their mental and physical health.

Roman Stepanenko: The best part about the training was Liam! Tim’s little boy, going about his business during the training. I loved it how Tim would be in the middle of explaining something and Liam at the same time would be climbing on the instructor, this gave it a personal touch to an already amazingly fun training :).

Paul Weeden: I felt from the one day experience that Tim & his team ran an extremely enjoyable, inspiring & purposeful training. I hope to come back soon. Thank you Tim.

Ashley Lacour: I had a great experience, a great time! and more so I had so much fun! I’ve done many workshops and trainings, but this one was particularly fun, light, yet powerful. None that I’ve done in the past bring you to that place where it is you and you. Tim was an amazing teacher or more so a great guide, and friend. Tim was amazing!!! He was there at my side, giving me so much confidence in myself, just being there and guiding me through the fear, through the illusions in my mind that were really only in the way of my enjoying the greatest bath in my Life. My fight or flight response was at its peak, but Tim help me gain confidence, Trust, Surrender, and I found that Space of ultimate peace and well being, and surrender, I recovered my inner Power, my Energy, and no one gave it to me for the first time in my Life, I recovered:) And I am so very grateful to have had the most wonderful and friendly guide, Tim. Thank you so much Tim!!! I look forward to more and exploring more of the cold, more so exploring more of my Inner Life and Power, and Freedom.

Nathan Grozaj: Tim was fun, motivated and professional. He got us all into a high spirits by sharing his enthusiasm. He is a great ambassador for the WHM. Thank You. 


Stephen van Gelder: Het meest gewone toch zo ongewoon: ademhalen. In een 1,5 sessie leerde ik een ochtend- en avondritueel en een ritueel voor elk moment. De sessie had ik direct opgenomen dus direct kon ik het gaan praktiseren. Het ochtend ritueel duurt vijf minuten en is voor mij nu het startpunt van de dag en is zo relaxed dat ik het nu direct vervolg in een meditatiesessie. Eerder kon ik me daar moeilijk toe zetten. Nu niet. Het andere ritueel duurt 15 minuten en zorgt voor een enorme zuurstofopname en daarmee een extreem gelukzalig gevoel. Ook is het zeer gezond voor je hersenactiviteit, je stofwisseling en je hormoonhuishouding.
Sjon Lowkick: Mooi leven dit, mensen helpen en ook nog eens reizen. Omringd met positieve energie, hoe mooier kan het nog!
Jeroen Grondijs : Hi Tim!  Ik sprak jou begin dit jaar op de Wim Hof Experience van Amsterdam. Daar gaf je me ook deze tip. Ik neem hem ten harte en ik meet mijn retentie tijden veel minder vaak. Ik voel gewoon mijn lichaam aan! Mijn focus ligt nu vooral op de recovery breath, die is heerlijk en ik voel dan zo veel.  Soms meet ik mijzelf omdat ik het interessant vind. Vooral ook omdat de tijden vrij hoog zijn. Dat is niet voor de competitie, maar omdat ik merk: HOE LANGER MIJN RETENTIE, HOE DIEPER MIJN RUST (EN GENEZING). Ik knak mijn stress weg tijdens de ontspanning van de retentie tijden. Soms ook diepe knakken, die ik niet voor mogelijk hield. Ik zit echt een stuk beter in mijn vel. Door de correlatie, zijn lange retenties belangrijk voor mij. Maar ik merk ook wel dat ik met kortere tijden ook prima mij lichaam van binnen voel. Het is een mooi terrein om te verkennen, no force only control. In het begin was ik heel trots op mijn hoge tijden en was ik inderdaad een competitie mannetje. Maar ik merk dat het vaak averechts werkt op mensen. Mensen reageren er heel afwijzend op. In de trant van dat is gevaarlijk of dat ze het niet geloven. Vaak zeg ik het niet meer. (Wel jammer soms, onlangs had ik een retentie tijd van 13 minuten. 2 minuten hoger dan waar ik meestal gemiddeld op zit. Op dat moment was ik een brief aan het schrijven naar mijn vrouw. Toen de brief af was, nam ik mijn recovery breath, alles was één op dat moment, het was prachtig.) Paar weken geleden had ik een binnenpretje tijdens het Hoffen. Ik ging mijn retentie tijd weer eens een keertje juist wel meten. Op dat moment dat ik de stopwatch erbij pakte, zag ik dat die nog aan stond van de vorige keer. Ik had gemeten hoelang ik mezelf NIET had gemeten! Hahahaha zo’n 543 uur…. (compete that!) Op dat moment moest ik ff aan je denken! Hahahaha, fijn dat ik dit eens met je kon delen. Ik hoop dat ik het in me heb om op een dag ook een instructeur te kunnen worden en het goede woord (en daad) van Wim Hof kan verspreiden. Groeten en wellicht tot ziens!


Ina Arends: ????Er gebeuren heel positieve dingen in ons groepje, trancedenties here we go! Thnx Tim. Nogmaals complimenten over hoe je zaterdag vorm gaf, de goeie vibe en energie van een echt mens wat een verschil! 


Mike: Wtf dit is zo intens. De eerste keer dat ik deze techniek toepast..lijkt er net of er ziektes uit je lichaam verdwijnen. Ik voelde klein beetje angst want het lijkt net of je out wilt gaan. Ik doe als sinds oktober de basis techniek elke ochtend. Heb mijn cycle nog steeds niet afgebroken. Ik was toen opzoek naar nieuwe technieken. Maar dees is echt heel extreem. Als ik mijn fitness opleiding hebt afgerond. Ga ik proberen om ook instructeur te worden. Dit is zo bizar dit.
Jeroen Spaink: Een zeer bevlogen persoon die alles goed uit kan leggen en de tijd voor je neemt. Sinds ik (bijna) iedere ochtend de 5 Tibetaanse yoga oefeningen doe merk ik dat ik leniger wordt en de dag met meer energie begin. Dankjewel Tim!

Dirk-Jan Kloppenborg: Super relaxte WHM workshop gehad van Tim. Hij is enthousiast, overtuigend en authentiek. Op een fijne en mooie lokatie ga je ongedwongen je grenzen opzoeken/verleggen voor wat betreft ademshalingoefeningen, mindset en koude training. Echte aanrader ?