TT Intro

TT stands for “Tim’s Techniques”. Tim’s techniques consist of simple, easy to implement techniques that upgrade your life. 

The results are: more energy, stress control, a better health, hormonal balance and great focus. 

TT Breathing

TT Breathing is developed by Tim after years of experience with breathwork techniques. You can use TT Breathing as a morning routine, but also in public spaces when you are waiting for the train or your coffee. Highly efficient.

Disclaimer and warning
Breathing exercises may make you dizzy and you can feel tingling sensations.
There is a chance of passing out.
Please do NOT do breathing exercises like below when you are driving a car or when you are in or near water.

On the right you see me breathe in a public space. On a terras in busy Amsterdam. 

This stuff works. It is like you have a secret to become calm and energetic, in minutes time. 

The video on the left is the more intense TT10 breathing technique. 

This is Simplified Tummo (STummo) Breathing, one of TT School. One round lasts one minute. 5 rounds only 5 minutes.

This is a perfect exercise for busy people in the morning. Just when you are waiting somewhere or just before an important Zoom session where you have to be sharp and focussed. You can do this as often as you want during your day. 


The 4 – 2 – 8 Breathing technique is the most efficient way to calm down from a stressful situation. You can melt a panic attack into total calmness in one minute time with this breathing technique. This is tested on a few thousand people that I have put in an ice bath. 

Try it out during a cold shower. It works amazing. 

Now you can calm down by choice. 

The ultimate morning routine consists of exercise – breathing – cold training. Just a little bit. Like brushing your teeth every day.

The 7 minute morning routine is all you do, preferably for the rest of your life :). 

2 minutes of Arm Twist, a magic exercise that trains your spine and sends blood to the spinal cord. 5 minutes of breathing and ending your shower cold for 30 seconds. 

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