Everything rises and falls on the shoulders of leadership. Leaders must move with intention, strength, decisiveness, values, and character. This is the first step into the making of a true leader.

Join us as we take a journey into the self-discovery and disciplines which will turn you into the leader you are meant to be. In these six weeks you will learn how to channel your attention and your breath to optimize your mind, your emotions and your internal processes. You will discover the power of your breath, your thoughts, and your values. You will discover the personal journey through which we will build a roadmap to your successful rise as a leader. But most importantly, you will begin to discover who you truly are.


6 weeks – 6 modules

Module 1. Attention – Intro and Initial Assessment 

Module 2. Energy, Strength and Stress Relief – Breathwork

Module 3. Awareness – What are your values?

Module 4. Productivity – How to make choices?

Module 5 Motivation – What is a good life?

Module 6 Positive change – Action and accountability.

Bonus module 7. Is still a surprise. 


Join us now for only 597 euro. Limiting spots available, max 15.


Kind regards,

Peter Jansen and Tim van der Vliet