Personal Coaching

Body Zen Lifestyle Program

This is for people who want to change their lifestyle. I have clients that have a physical or mental challenge (medicine use or an autoimmune illness for example) and would like to explore how a lifestyle change can benefit them. Others are looking for stress release or to get in shape without spending too much time.

Successful Trader Mindset Program

This is for people that would like to become a more successful trader in the financial markets. I will not give you any of my strategies nor do I want to know any of yours. I can help you developing a system to test your strategies. You will learn the right mindset for trading, staying calm when you are winning or losing.

Two possibilities, same price

I like to help you long term and this is how I work. There are two possibilities: T1 is a more intensive 3 months program and T2 is a one year less intensive program.

Both are priced at 2997 euro ex VAT.

The T1 and T2 programs are available for both the Body Zen Lifestyle and the Successful Trader Mindset Program.

T1 3 Months Intensive Program.

In 3 months time you can change your path, for the rest of your live.

What you get:

2 times a 4 hour live session. If you live outside the Netherlands take flight and hotel costs into account.

Unlimited coaching calls.

Unlimited help via text messages.


T2 one year program

What you get:

Every two weeks a 1-hour call, zoom or Skype.

Unlimited help via text messages.

First coffee is on me if you want to get a feel if and how I can help you.

Please send me a text message at +31626736170.