Optimize Online Leadership Program

This is a collaboration between Peter Jansen and Tim van der Vliet

Everything rises and falls on the shoulders of leadership. Leaders must move with intention, strength, decisiveness, values, and character. This is the first step into the making of a true leader.

Join us as we take a journey into the self-discovery and disciplines which will turn you into the leader you are meant to be. In these six weeks you will learn how to channel your attention and your breath to optimize your mind, your emotions and your internal processes. You will discover the power of your breath, your thoughts, and your values. You will discover the personal journey through which we will build a roadmap to your successful rise as a leader. But most importantly, you will begin to discover who you truly are.

What you will get

  • 6 leadership modules
  • Max 15 People
  • 6 weeks
  • 1.5 – 2 hour sessions
  • Whatsapp group
  • Access to recordings afterwards
  • Professional assessment worth 500€
  • Breathing tools
  • Leadership mindset tools
  • Material to continue your work beyond the program
  • Free access to our community
  • Price 997 euro

Module 1.

Attention – Intro and Initial Assessment

In the starting module we will have a small introduction from our side and from each participant. The focus point of this session is attention. We explain the structure of the program and you will know why and how this is going to work for you.

You will get a professional assessment worth 500€.

Module 2.

Energy, Strength and Stress Relief – Breath work

In this module we will focus on breath work and extremely simple tools to relieve stress. You will not only understand the science behind breathing and what exactly happens inside your body. You will also experience a deep session and possibly experience calmness you have never experienced before. The secret of breath is what we will share with you.

Module 3.

Awareness – What are your values?

Awareness is the start of positive change. In this module we will share tools to become more aware. You will get to know yourself more, be more aware and see how perception can form your reality.

When something is done with awareness, success is a very likely outcome.

Module 4.

Productivity – How to make choices?

How do you actually become more productive? The concept of productivity is broken down and from building up with the various building blocks of productivity you will understand how you can become more productive. And you can implement this immediately into your (work) life, profiting from higher productivity.

Module 5.

Motivation – What is a good life?

What is your motivation for getting out of bed? In this module you will again get to know yourself better, in a playful way. After finding out what it means to have a good life for you, you will get out of bed with more energy.

Motivated to do what you have to do in your life.

Module 6.

Positive change – Action

In this module we will focus on your positive change, whatever that is for you. Only now will you know what your positive change is, we will construct an action plan on how you can get this positive change activated in your life. Knowing your positive change, and knowing how to implement it in your life, we will leave you with a big smile.

The next round of this course will begin in January of 2021, and it will have live group video calls every week, an active online community for accountability, support, and lifting each other up! Click below to be notified when enrolment opens again.

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Bio Peter Jansen

Peter has more than 25 years and 21,000 hours of international experience in emotional intelligence and leadership coaching through character development, having coached or trained more than one million people in over 20 countries in the past 25 years.

He is a Forbes coach, member of the IOC McLean affiliate of Harvard Medical School, part of the John Maxwell Team, among others.

Full Bio Peter Jansen

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  • Simple way to make better decisions
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  • Q/A after the webinar

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Bio Tim van der Vliet

Tim van der Vliet is a breathing specialist and coach, a Wim Hof Method instructor, author and is a father of 5 children. Apart from a healthy lifestyle, he has learned how he can optimize his life both physically and mentally. Tim has been trained personally by the world famous Wim Hof (aka ‘The Iceman’) whose techniques for mastering the mind-body connection are being studied by scientific institutions around the world.

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