“Slow Down Your Breathing …”

Our goal is to help employers create a healthier and happier workplace while improving employees lives by providing tools to help support employees with their physical and mental well-being; to be able to thrive at work and in all aspects of life.

Optimize 4 Online Modules

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Module 1: The Art Of Breathing

Stress Relief | Science And Physiology Breathing | Breathing Session

In this session we will focus on breathwork and extremely simple tools to relieve stress. You will not only understand the science behind breathing and what exactly happens inside your body. You will also experience a breathing session and possibly find calmness that you have never felt before. After this session you will know how to use breathing techniques in daily life, either for stress relief or more energy.


  • Less sick and better sports performance
  • More oxygen in muscle tissue and brain and a healthy CO2 level
  • A healthier heart and blood vessels
  • Positive influence on your hormones
  • More red blood cells – more oxygen available in your body and mind
  • Less stress
  • Mental reset
  • Increased happiness in everyday life

Duration 1.5 – 2 hours

Module 2: Smart Work Out And Breath

Low Intensity Workout | Physiology Of Getting More Energy Through Light Exercise | Consistency Over Intensity | Daily Ritual

It is possible to stop and sometimes even reverse the aging process through light exercise in combination with breath work. In 2 to maximal 10 minutes per day of low intensity workout (the opposite of bootcamp) together with a very short breathing session you will not only feel energy and calmer through the day, you may very well optimize your metabolism and drop those kilos that you need to get rid of. Many people experience their body becoming younger in time. It‘s a kind of magic.


  • More energy and a general feeling of well being through the day
  • Release of happy hormones and neurotransmitters
  • Training of the cardiovascular system
  • Activating your lymphatic system
  • Cleaning up your body
  • Less stress
  • Dropping weight and a more toned body
  • No need for the gym anymore
  • Possibly get rid of back pain

Duration 1.5 – 2 hours

Module 3: The Cold Shower Challenge And Breathing Techniques

Science And Physiology Breathing And Cold Training | Breathing Session | Cold Shower Challenge

The combination of breathing techniques and cold training is just amazing. Through breathing techniques you will make more red blood cells which give you a more optimized distribution of oxygen and better sports performance. Through cold training you make more white blood cells: a direct protection against unwanted bacteria and viruses in your body. And both the air and ending your shower cold are for free. There are many more health benefits when it comes to cold training. We can influence so much more than we think we can. In the online session we cannot dive into an ice bath but we can do some more friendly cold training.

1) Health Benefits

  • Healthier blood vessels and heart is a healthier and longer life
  • A healthier body and better sports performance
  • Positive influence on the hormonal system
  • More white blood cells – immediate protection against bacteria and viruses
  • More red blood cells – more oxygen available in your body and mind
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Less sick

2) Energy and Happiness Benefits

  • Increased happiness perception due to more happiness hormones
  • More oxygen is more energy
  • Better skin

3) Focus & Mindset Benefits

  • Increase mental power
  • Cope with stress better
  • Better focus

Duration 1.5 – 2 hours

Module 4: Clear Your Mind Through The Power Of Paradox And Breathing Techniques

Learning to rethink | Breathing session | The Power Of The Paradox | Increased Intuition

In this session we will focus on a very simple concept: the paradox. By seeing The paradox you learn to “rethink”. Imagine that of everything you think, the opposite could also be true. This gives you a broad insight into a situation, the overview. It makes you empathically smarter and mentally stronger. By using the breath, we achieve a deep calm state of mind. Combined with The Power Of Paradox, we obtain mental clarity or clarity of mind.


  • Mental clarity
  • Learn to see a different perspective
  • Read people better and more empathy
  • Increase in mental strength
  • Being able to let go of what is no longer important to you
  • Better focus on what is important for you
  • Increased intuition and making decisions that are long-term efficient

Duration 1.5 – 2 hours

Follow Up Course Available

After 1 to 3 months we can do a physical follow up course in your office or another venue near you or in Amsterdam. In this full day course we will discuss and experience:
Q/A and resolving problems that came up in your practice
More advanced breathing techniques
More advanced work out options
A clear explanation – review of the science and physiology so you understand exactly what is going on in your body
An ice bath session

Duration 4-6 hours

Prices (ex VAT)

One Module Online 1.5 – 2 hours
1000 euro

All 4 Modules Online 1.5 – 2 hours
3000 euro

One Module Physical Course 1.5 – 2 hours
1500 euro

All 4 Modules Physical Course 1.5 – 2 hours
4500 euro

A full day physical course. Optimize. Wim Hof Method or Follow Up Course. 4 – 6 hours.
2500 euro

Mail or whatsapp at +31 6 2673 6170

Optimize – The No BS Training

The complete course for maximum energy, health and total focus. Optimize consists of 5 pillars Mindset Training – through the Power of Paradox, Movement – low intensity workout, Nutrition – anything is allowed, Breathing – optimize and align your left and right brain and Cold Training – release white blood cells and endorphins.

Breathing Sessions and Instruction

Breathing sessions: either live or via Zoom you can book guided breathing sessions anywhere from a regular 30 minutes per week to 1.5 hour. Direct amazing results with your team.
Breathing Instruction: Connecting all the dots between the different breathing techniques. Stress release, optimal oxygenation on a cellular level and better health. EIther online or live. Of course with a breathing session.

Wim Hof Method

Wim Hof’s famous method with a breathing technique and cold training. Scientifically researched method for more energy, better health and more focus.
This training includes the science and physiology of breathing and cold training, 2 breathing sessions and of course the ice bath. The ice bath is always optional. No peer pressure.

One Hour Corporate Breathing Session

A one hour corporate breathing session is a perfect mix of understanding and experience. A little bit of the science is explained (5 minutes), then the safety precautions and the mechanics of how to do the breathing (10 min), then an active breathing session (20 minutes), followed by totally and completely calming down breathing techniques (10 minutes). The last 10 minutes are for Q/A or for that well deserved nap during work time.

In the video below you can get an idea of the 1 hour session: Live at The Embodiment Conference 2020 (500K people subscribed, less in my session though :))

Mindset of a Successful Trader

How can you become a successful (day) trader? Because of my experience as a trader and the work I am doing now I am often asked to coach people about how you can become a better trader: make more money and have a quiet mind. I can also help you get your algorithm up and running.

This is for people that would like to become a more successful trader in the financial markets. I will not give you any of my strategies nor do I want to know any of yours. I can help you develop a system to test your strategies. You will learn the right mindset for trading, staying calm when you are losing, or winning.

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