The 5 Tibetan Rites | Fountain Of Youth | Reverse The Aging Process 

The 5 Tibetan Rites are also known as the Fountain of Youth. It sounds bizarre but according to the legend it is possible to reverse the aging process. It has worked for me. In the last 10 years my body (and maybe my mind too) became 10 years younger. All the people I know that perform the exercises daily, or almost daily, experience the same.

It’s a kind of magic.

As far as I know this is the only program that takes you by the hand and helps you build up the 5 Tibetan Rites. For starters the normal rites are too intense. Starters are people with an injury or that haven’t been working out for a while. But this course is also for intermediate and advanced sports people or yoga practitioners.

I went back to the source. My feeling is that you cannot get the info and exercises in a more pure way, anywhere.

If you want to stop aging or even reverse your physical and mental age, this course is for you.

In this 13 week course you get:

  • 50+ practical videos
  • Step by step build up of the 5 Tibetan Rites/span>
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Extra information about he 5 Tibetan Rites and Tibetan Rite number 6

You learn to:

  • Become physically and mentally younger
  • Be more energetic, happier and healthier

  • Build up a daily ritual that works for you

  • Stop and maybe even reverse the aging process
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5 Day Body Zen Mini Course | Start Transforming Your Life 

Nobody has time, everybody wants to be healthier, more energetic and happier. In only 5 days, 15 minutes per day, you can start making this change in your life. In less time you learn to work out smarter, breathe better and a certain mindset that makes you believe that you can more than you think you can. Which is beneficial. 

In these 5 days you get every day a video of 15 minutes that includes exercises and breathing techniques to just join. And the theory to listen to. All in no more than 15 minutes. 

Within 5 days you can start building up a daily ritual that works for you. Every day more energy, more happy hormones and better health. You can join temporarily for free.

In this mini course you get:

  • 5 practical 15 minute videos

  • Physical exercises

  • Breathing Exercises

  • Mindset training

You learn to:

  • Influencing your inner world and reduce stress

  • Be more energetic, happier and healthier

  • Build up a daily ritual that works for you

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13 Week Body Zen Online Course | Transform Your Life In 3 Months Time

Nobody has time, everybody wants to be healthier, have a better looking body, be more energetic and happier. In the next 13 weeks you will use a maximum of 15 minutes per day on your daily ritual and noticeably become a few years younger. It is possible to slow down and sometimes even reverse the aging process of our bodies. That’s Body Zen.

In the coming 13 weeks you will get 1 video per week and a mail with all the philosophy, exercises, breathing techniques and nutrition hacks. It is just amazing what is available in the world.

Within 3 months you will build up a daily ritual that works for you, change your metabolism and likely your nutrition intake. Every day more energy, more happy hormones and better health. After 3 months you should clearly see and feel the difference.

In this 13 week course you get:

  • More than 20 practical videos
  • Exercises that bring you energy
  • Breathing exercises for energy and calming down
  • Deep but simple mindset training
  • Guidance through the 13 weeks
  • Assessment of your growth


  • Reduce Stress
  • More energy
  • A daily ritual that works for you
  • Less cravings
  • Optimal weight and health
  • A strong mind
  • Influence on hormonal release
  • A better looking body
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Testimonials Tim van der Vliet

Katarina Pedersen: Tim is a truly passionate, down-to-earth and friendly Wim Hof Method coach. I did my first steps with him few months ago, and I have participated in an Advanced course with him recently. I overcame my biggest fears – it was easy with such a teacher! 5 stars and highly recommended!

Ian Mcinnes, NYC: There are barely enough words in any language to describe the affect that the weekend had on me. I have spent my entire adult life travelling the world as a trainer / team building facilitator/ singer and performer but have hardly taken any time for self growth. I couldn’t walk for six months until this January due to a knee injury and recently ended a ten year relationship with a fabulous girl..blah blah blah. I was holding in so much shit and the combination of breathwork and the comfortable, safe environment and teachings that you and Avi shared plus the connection with all those lovely people was just beyond anything I’ve experienced. I walked the streets of the city last night with an enhanced empathy and awareness and am brimming with a new vitality and curiosity to go deeper.
I truly hope that our paths cross again. You must be inundated with opportunities that your energy brings.

LOVE to you and a sincere THANK YOU.

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