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Breathing instructor program with Tim van der Vliet and other instructors followed by a 7 day retreat

✔️ 8 weeks online group coaching (max 16 people) or DIY online course
✔️ Lifetime access to the online course
✔️ 7 day retreat in Kyoto Japan
✔️ One year after care mastermind Q/A session

This is the plan

This is how you become a professional breathing practioner
The 8 sessions will last about 90 minutes, max 2 hours depending on your Q/A and personal needs. These are all different start dates, running for 8 consecutive weeks at the same day/time.

Additionally you will assist in corporate sessions and start to guide sessions yourself. You will assist your accountability partner when guiding a session. We all learn from practice, each other and teach each other. These sessions can be live or online.

Start 15 January, Saturday, 4 pm CET (10 am EST)
Start 19 January, Wednesday, 7 pm CET (1 pm EST)

Retreat in Kyoto Japan 19 – 26 March. 5 Days in Kyoto at a Japanese Buddhist Zen Monastery, then summit to Mount Fuji, followed by a stay at the top of Mount Fuji. If you want in shorts and a t-shirt.

The next date for this retreat is in October 2022.

You will get assigned a buddy so you will have an accountability partner to talk with and to discuss about the assignments during the week.

The group coaching is backed up with a lot of videos as after care so you will know exactly what to do. You will also get a replay of the group coaching in our Learning Management System for if you missed a session.

After the 8 week coaching program you will receive the full online course, worth 797 euro, lifetime access. Updated whenever new information and scientific research is released.

The 7 day retreat in Japan is valued at 2997 euroFi

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6 weeks of Transformation

Maybe it is not possible to control what happens in our life. But it is possible to control your reaction to what is happening in your life. By being able to control your breath. In 6 weeks time you will learn everything about breathing techniques. How to use them in daily life, as a morning routine, and in moments of stress. 

Less stress is more happy. You will be able to control your stress response by your breath awareness and controlling your breath. The key to happiness lies in your breath. 

By controlling your breath you can control your life. 

Learn to breathe properly for the rest of your life

Who is this group coaching program for?

This program for people who want to go from a bad place to a good place, and then from good to great.

What you will learn in this program

This course will give you everything you need to know about breathing and your breathing practice

Program schedule

The CONTROL YOUR BREATH – CONTROL YOUR LIFE™ online group coaching breathing program consists of 5 pillars.

1) Theory & science of breathing.
2) Deep breathing – breath hold techniques.
3) Exercises and breathing for a better health and sports performance.
4) Using breathing in your daily life for your growth
5) building up a morning routine that keeps you healthy and energetic for the rest of your life.

Every week for 6 consecutive weeks we will focus on a combination of the pillars so you will get a thorough understanding and build up your practice at the same time. Ultimately knowing exactly what to do in what situation and having more energy and a better health than ever. Control over your life. 

Training overview. What you will learn.

Week: 1 Intro breathing, breathing basics and a morning routine

Energy, health and focus with a morning routine. In this week we will cover:

Week 2: Breathing basics, position and proper breathing

What is better? Belly – chest, nose – mouth and what position?

Week 3: Calming down breathing exercises

Know how to relieve anxiety and calm down in a minute.

Week 4: TT™ basic breathing technique - deep breathing breath hold techniques

TT™ breathing, a deep breathing – breath hold technique. 

Week 5: Using breathing exercises in daily life

Breathing during walking, running and when you are waiting. In this week we will cover:

Week 6: Breathing for a better health and sports performance

Know what to do when. Get over back pain, neck pain and other injuries. In this week we will cover:

Course material






Summary of what you get

✓ 6 live group coaching sessions with Tim  (max 2 hours on Saturday) incl. Q&A for optimal understanding and practice
✓ Plus 10 hours on-demand video, accessible any time, anywhere so you can recap at home
✓ 18 breathing techniques to use for energy, calming down or and more focus
✓ A deep understanding of the science and physiology of breathing
✓ Personal assessment before and after the 6 weeks
✓ Review questions (not mandatory)
✓ Techniques that you can use to remove pain
✓ Techniques that you can use while on the way in your life
✓ Lifetime access to course material and the online course (worth 397 euro)
✓ A certification of Level 1 of the TT™ Breathing Instructor Course (3 levels in total)
✓ Two months, once a month a Breathing Mastermind Session with Tim (worth 50 euro)
✓ After completing this program you will get the Control Your Breath – Control Your Life certification


The complete Control Your Breath – Control Your Life group coaching

program is now available for


Everything added separately 1047 euro

Normal price 597 euro

Now (for the first 32 enrolments, 11 left) 

247 euro (incl VAT)


Just give me the Control Your Breath – Control Online Course

I want to do this in my own time

Release end of August

Normal price 397 euro


197 euro (incl VAT)


Meet your instructor Tim van der Vliet

Somewhere in his 13 year path in the financial world Tim started doing daily yoga and pranayama techniques. This was about 15 years ago. He became a meditation instructor. Although he was doing over one hour of yoga and meditation every day, he still wasn’t pain free. 6 years ago he met Wim Hof, became friends and started deep breathing – breath hold techniques. He became interested in everything that has to do with breathing. He has reached over 1 million people on Youtube and travels the world training thousands of people breathing. 

Today Tim is completely pain free and became a breathing expert, having practiced breathing techniques daily for over 15 years. To stay healthy he needs only 10 minutes in the morning before breakfast.  

He dedicates his life to helping people go from a bad place to a good place, and then from good to great. 

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