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This very simple routine can make a big change in terms of energy, weight loss and essential neurotransmitters. 

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Meet Tim van der Vliet

Somewhere in his 13 year path as a trader in the financial world Tim started doing daily yoga and pranayama techniques. This was about 15 years ago. He became a meditation instructor. Although he was doing over one hour of yoga and meditation every day, he still wasn’t pain free. 6 years ago he started deep breathing – breath hold techniques. He became interested in everything that has to do with breathing. He has reached over 1 million people on Youtube and travels the world training thousands of people breathing.

Today, Tim is pain free and one of the foremost breathing experts in the world, having practiced breathing techniques daily for over 15 years. To stay healthy he needs only 10 minutes in the morning before breakfast. He dedicates his life to helping people with light exercise, breathing and cold training. And instructing instructors.

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