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Tim is a breathing and cold exposure expert and teaches people very simple and light exercises. Tim graduated from the Wim Hof Method Academy in 2016 and has been teaching the Wim Hof Method intensively for 6 years, until it was time in 2022 to fly out of Wim’s nest. Through his Youtube videos he has helped over a million people. He has physically trained thousands of people to release stress, to become healthier and reverse the ageing process. With a better focus and more energy.  

Breathing Instruction

Through different breathing techniques and breathing properly you can get more control over your stress response, get a better focus, sport performance, your health improves and you may become happier because of naturally released neuro transmitters. If you can control your breath, you control your life.

Instructor Course

Become a licensed TT Breathwork Instructor

Tim's techniques (TT)

Tim uses 3 pillars in his morning routine to optimize his energy, focus and health. Through simple techniques you will find that you are able to do what you thought was impossible in the past.

Corporate Coaching

Breathwork for stress relief, a higher productivity, better decision making and less sick days is becoming more and more an essential tool for businesses and corporates. We have group coaching group (partly online and partly live) available for your team or entire company. Or just a one hour session for a wellness day. Schedule a free consultation call with me.

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Maarten Vos
I have spent an amazing week with Tim in beautiful Patagonia doing nothing but breath work and ice-baths. Tim is great teacher: clearly passionate about breathing, really down to earth and very knowledgeable on the subject. He gives you small and therefore easily achievable, daily exercises which you can do at home. That really works well for me and helps me to improve on all aspects in life. Highly recommended as a gift to yourself!
Daniel Ricardo Arenales Torres
Tim is a wonderful person. Sensitive but also very rational. His speech is clear. I have the need to talk to him personally about my experiences and he gave me all the attention in the world. Very reachable even after the workshop. Hard to put in words my gratitude. See you soon!
Felix Taylor
Tim is an absolute boss! Funny, charismatic and so passionate about his work it’s impossible not to have an amazing time. I can also safely say that this stuff works too, instant stress relief doing his breathe work and cold exposure training. I would highly recommend TT
Elisabeth Reid
Tim was an wonderful instructor. He made the process of learning the breathe work and entering the ice bath calm, informative and safe place to learn in. I would highly recommend Tim and the course. It has transformed the way I see the world and my own personal development. Thank you for your support Tim.
Alex van de Wal
I just returned from the breathwork instructors retreat and it was mind blowing, a life changing experience. It's like throwing gasoline on a fireplace. I made so many steps in becoming Alex 2.0 and for sure I know what my life path is all about♥️🙏 Thanks Tim (and Mahdi) and everybody in the course in helping me grow🙏
Donna Deloudis
Amazing & Transformative 👍🙏💫🌬🌍❤ I've just got back from a retreat with Tim,what an amazing experience this has been. Through breathwork,cold Training & Tim's guidance I have taken back my health and control of my life. I have been able to guide myself out of a panic attack with ease, help other people in stressful suitations,and feel ready to take a bite out of life again! This man is Magic 🌠 Forever Grateful 🙏 Donna Deloudis
Richard P
Very experienced and engaging trainer. His interest in constantly improving and keeping up with the latest health science sets him apart and above most other practitioners.
Laura Manca
Tim is an amazing coach, very knowledgable and well prepared. I've known him for many years and attended many of his seminars and workshops. I highly recommend his online course and keep an eye on his travelling schedule for a workshop in your area!
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