Here are a few videos that may change your life

Breathing exercises may make you dizzy and you can feel tingling sensations. There is a (very small) chance of passing out. Please do NOT do breathing exercises like below when you are driving a car or when you are in or near water.

This is the simplified Tummo breathing. One round lasts one minute. 5 rounds only 5 minutes.

This is a perfect exercise for busy people in the morning. Just when you are waiting somewhere or just before an important Zoom session where you have to be sharp and focussed. You can do this as often as you want during your day. 


The 4 – 2 – 8 Breathing Technique is the most efficient to calm down from a stressful situation. You can melt a panic attack into total calmness in one minute time with this breathing technique. This is tested on a few thousand people that I have put in an ice bath. 

Try it out during a cold shower. It works amazing. 

Now you can calm down by choice. 

TT10 is a way to reset your brain. This comes in handy in times of high stress and anxiety. 

Doing this practice every day will have a healing effect on your system. 

This video is not published on Youtube (that’s why the title is bit funny 🙂 and part of my 6 week online group coaching program. 

We did this test in the free webinar. It is an amazing way of showing ourselves that we have a pretty strong mind and we can direct blood to some part of our body. 

Directional breathing hence is not some kind of “woo woo”. It works. But do not believe me! Test for yourself. 

If you want to know more about breathing you can check out my group coaching program – online course Control Your Breath – Control Your Life. Enter here. 

Schedule a free call to see what is best for you. 

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