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A Wim Hof Method Meditation Retreat with Alan Thong, aka the Asian Iceman. At Mount Fuji in Japan. This is the expereince you may have been waiting for. Beauty, transformation through the Wim Hof Method and deep knowledge about and experiencing meditation.

In this retreat we will use the Wim Hof Method to go deeper in Meditation. Your teachers are Alan Thong and Tim van der Vliet, both experienced Wim Hof Method instructors and meditation teachers.

The setting is at mount Fuji, Japan. If you have not been to Japan yet, this will be a chance to see the beauty of Japan, connect with mount Fuji and learn and experience meditation from a collaboration of two experienced meditators, meditation instructors and WHM instructors.


About Alan Thong

My name is Alan Thong. In times of my teaching in Asia, people like to call me the Asian Philosopher or the Asian Iceman. I believe the name came about because of my mad passion for philosophy, psychology and spirituality. Lastly, my freezing cold meditative practice in the Arctic for 111 hours during the winter.

The mission has been transparently clear that my life went somewhere illogical from local cultural norms. It moved to an extent that I view it as a normal one. I have been touched by the blessings of the Universe that I was saved in those multiple near-death-experiences by the help of the spiritual force in and around me.

My devotion to the mastery of meditation developed further with the direction I’ve been pointed. Just as the ancient teachings have highlighted whether in Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Taosim, and New Age, there are some form of energetic presence in us that governed our life. And that presence is WE, the sentience beings that navigate ourselves in this lifetime to happiness, relationship, wealth and abundance.

We are however limited to or so, met with hurdles, called “karma” of our past that blocks us from reaching our highest potentiality in this lifetime.

In the psychological term, it is regarded as mental blockages. The science nowadays even came about to affirm that we are limited by our DNA and past conditioning during the childhood.

What I have found throughout the years of life and death, meditation came about to be the ultimate way to allow us to restore, transform and transcend, internally first and then reflect to us externally in this physical world, called Earth.

I am now actively teaching 10-20 styles of meditations, those of whom I find particularly powerful are

1) “Pilgrim Meditation” where it involves a series of breathing tempo in conjunction with a release of spiritual force from the body,

2) “Crystal Chakra Meditation”, where we connect to the minerals of the Earth that have been around millions of years ago. We will tap on its resources and data within to help to restore and strengthen our life force and give us a surge of positive drive to achieve our life goals.

3) “Silence Meditation”, where we have the opportunity to face our living beings head-on by stripping off our ego and masks, so that we can get right deep within to witness our true nature. It is a blissful witness one can ever have.

I hope to see you all in this transmission, an experience that one can only feel to evolve and transcend.


About Tim van der Vliet

My name is Tim van der Vliet. I am a WIm Hof Method and Meditation teacher, author, I run my own investment fund (this grounds me) and I am  father of 4 children. I have travelled more than 15 times to Japan, my children and the mama are Japanese. I have learned so much from the connection that I have with Japan that I am super excited to share this knowledge. Apart from a healthy lifestyle I have learned how breathing properly helps mefeel calmer, be healthier and cope with stress better. And even that he can influence myauto immune system and alkalize my blood through light exercise, breathing, cold training, nutrition and meditation. This comes in handy in my busy, but no stress, lifestyle.

10 years ago I wrote a book called Spiritual Awakening (the easy way) which was published by Hay House UK. From that moment I became a mindset, spiritual and mindset teacher. I am now writing a new book called: CRacking the Code through the Power of Paradox. Both books you will get in this amazing transformative experience. I have been trained personally by the world famous Wim Hof (aka ‘The Iceman’) whose techniques for mastering the mind-body connection are being studied by scientific institutions around the world. Tim is one of the few Wim Hof Method level 3 instructors in world. 

I am best described as a “Freedom Teacher”. Wherever you are in your path, it is always possible to attain some kind of freedom. Being free may be the ultimate goal in live. From becoming mentally and physically free you get to get more freedom on a social, spiritual and financial; level. I like to make spiritual concepts very simple so they will land inside your body and mind and, likely, you will remember forever. 

The meditations I have developed focus not only on the normal 7 chakras but also on “out of body” chakra’s. For example the centre of the Earth and the centre of the Sun.

Other than that I use mantras that have never been shared before.

Through the use of breathing techniques we will get to a deep meditative state, which will make meditation effortlessly in the rest of your life.

Welcome to our collaboration! I am looking forward so much to learn and teach together with Alan. Alan and I met in Spain where we both instructors along side Wim Hof. We both felt and immense connection and this is the outcome of that feeling there and then.

For more info please mail or whatsapp Alan at alanthong.com@gmail.com or whatsapp at +60 16-988 7805

or Tim at zenfromamsterdam@gmail.com or whatsapp at +31626736170


The first tickets are 2500 USD.