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Yoga and Wim Hof Breath Method
In this workout we will do simple exercises that give you energy without a lot of effort: yoga, Qigong exercises, breathing exercises, meditation. Great for the start of the day and a great prep for more training or yoga.

I believe in low intensity workout. Although you will not sweat massively these exercises are highly energetic. What breathing exercises and the simple yoga and qigong exercises can do to your energy level is just amazing!
This combination of yoga and Wim Hof Method breathing has 3 main benefits:

1) More energy
2) More happiness (hormones)
3) A better health

All the exercises may help you develop a lifestyle with a simple and very efficient daily ritual. A daily ritual of only 2 – 10 minutes is enough to stay in shape, drop weight, release happy hormones, influencing your autoimmune system and alkaline your body! You don’t have to go to the gym unless you really want to. Dropping (or gaining) weight is just a positive side effect of these simple yoga and qigong exercises. We are all busy (or lazy ;). To achieve optimal results with as little effort as possible is the goal in this workout.