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22-27 January 2023, Marrakesh Retreat (Exercise, Breathwork, Cold Exposure)

January 22 @ 4:00 pm - January 27 @ 11:00 am


Weight Loss And Me-Time In The New Year

This retreat offers a unique opportunity to step out of the daily hectic pace and recover. The program is packed with activities such as breathing sessions, movement, trips and inspiration sessions around a healthy lifestyle. Ideal to completely relax and enjoy the beautiful Moroccan landscape.

This is a collab with Louis Stam, a personal trainer and weight loss specialist from Amsterdam.

During this training Louis and Tim will take you into daily exercise (light and intense), breathing techniques and optional cold exposure training. 

This is a highly transformational experience.

You will learn tools to control your weight, to get more positive energy and become happier by making your own essential neurotransmitters and hormones.



1) Energy
The combination of exercise, breathwork and cold training will give you a positive energy that you have likely not experienced before. 

2) Weight control
In this week you will learn tools to optimize your metabolism, which is the foundation of a healthy and good looking body. 

3) Hormonal balance 
We can naturally create more serotonin, dopamine, endorphins and DMT.

There is enough time to journal, shop and sightsee.

After this training you will be able to practice the techniques yourself. 

The theory and methods we use are backed up by science and clearly communicated if it is not.

A private house in Marrakesh, Morrocco

The venue
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Max 13 people

Price 1200 euro

Secure your spot by a downpayment of 400 euro

Day 1

Outline retreat
Open retreat and intention setting

Day 2

Morning exercise, breathing and meditation
Workout session
Breathing basics and session
Out for dinner in Marrakesh
Time for shopping, sight seeing or just quiet time

Day 3

Morning exercise, breathing, and meditation
Workout session
Camel ride to
Atlas Mountains and Three Valleys & Waterfalls
Out for dinner


Day 4

Morning exercise, breathing, and meditation
Workout session
Boat ride to Ouzoud Waterfalls
Bazaar visit
Free time or living room science


 Day 5

Morning exercise, breathing, and meditation
Workout session
Intenser breathwork plus optional cold exposure
Moroccan Cooking Class Experience
Living room DMT breathing

Day 6

Morning exercise, breathing and meditation
Closing circle


  • Accommodation, shared 2 person bedrooms 
  • 3 meals a day
  • Daily workout and breathing sessions
  • Science and physiology exercise, breathwork and cold training
  • Cold plunges
  • Excursions
  • Body detox
  • Free time to relax and other surprises
  • Taxis and transport


  • Airplane ticket to Marrakesh
    (now priced at 100 euro from Amsterdam)


  • 22 – 27 January in Marrakesh
  • Start around 7 pm. 
  • Departure 27 January from 11 am


Now early bird

  • 2 person rooms
  • Inquire for a single room


  • 1200€ 
  • Single room €300 extra
  • Ex airplane ticket
Maarten Vos
I have spent an amazing week with Tim in beautiful Patagonia doing nothing but breath work and ice-baths. Tim is great teacher: clearly passionate about breathing, really down to earth and very knowledgeable on the subject. He gives you small and therefore easily achievable, daily exercises which you can do at home. That really works well for me and helps me to improve on all aspects in life. Highly recommended as a gift to yourself!
Daniel Ricardo Arenales Torres
Tim is a wonderful person. Sensitive but also very rational. His speech is clear. I have the need to talk to him personally about my experiences and he gave me all the attention in the world. Very reachable even after the workshop. Hard to put in words my gratitude. See you soon!
Felix Taylor
Tim is an absolute boss! Funny, charismatic and so passionate about his work it’s impossible not to have an amazing time. I can also safely say that this stuff works too, instant stress relief doing his breathe work and cold exposure training. I would highly recommend TT
Elisabeth Reid
Tim was an wonderful instructor. He made the process of learning the breathe work and entering the ice bath calm, informative and safe place to learn in. I would highly recommend Tim and the course. It has transformed the way I see the world and my own personal development. Thank you for your support Tim.
Alex van de Wal
I just returned from the breathwork instructors retreat and it was mind blowing, a life changing experience. It's like throwing gasoline on a fireplace. I made so many steps in becoming Alex 2.0 and for sure I know what my life path is all about♥️🙏 Thanks Tim (and Mahdi) and everybody in the course in helping me grow🙏
Donna Deloudis
Amazing & Transformative 👍🙏💫🌬🌍❤ I've just got back from a retreat with Tim,what an amazing experience this has been. Through breathwork,cold Training & Tim's guidance I have taken back my health and control of my life. I have been able to guide myself out of a panic attack with ease, help other people in stressful suitations,and feel ready to take a bite out of life again! This man is Magic 🌠 Forever Grateful 🙏 Donna Deloudis
Richard P
Very experienced and engaging trainer. His interest in constantly improving and keeping up with the latest health science sets him apart and above most other practitioners.
Laura Manca
Tim is an amazing coach, very knowledgable and well prepared. I've known him for many years and attended many of his seminars and workshops. I highly recommend his online course and keep an eye on his travelling schedule for a workshop in your area!
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Bio Tim van der Vliet

Tim van der Vliet is the founder of TT Breathing, a breathwork and cold exposure specialist, author, and a father of 5 children. Apart from a healthy lifestyle, he has learned how breathing properly helps him feel calmer, be healthier and cope with stress better. He has been developing breathwork techniques for 5 years and realizes that our breath is so powerful that we can even get to altered states of consciousness. And reprogramming the subconscious mind. 

Tim completed the Wim Hof Method Academy in 2016, taught the WHM for 6 years extensively, and started for himself in 2022.

For contact hit the Whatsapp button on the right.

Bio Louis Stam

Louis Stam is one of the founders of Boostcamp (fitness club) and “Sterke Leiders” (Strong Leaders – a coaching boutique). He has a law degree and is an expert in mental and physical training. 

Louis had now developed a method that seeks a balance between the physical, mental and social. Your body can’t lie, it is a great source of information. How can you learn to listen to it again and appreciate it as a source of recovery and zest for life? Self-knowledge is your compass for autonomy, tranquility, and self-confidence. Without self-knowledge, there is no balance between body and mind. That ability is under pressure for many people. Stress leads to poor sleep and eating, a rushed life, and no time for emotions and discomfort. Your body says a lot about your mental state. Louis helps you find that state. 

For contact +31614991422


January 22 @ 4:00 pm
January 27 @ 11:00 am

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