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Mᴏᴜɴᴛᴀɪɴ Wɪsᴅᴏᴍ Jᴏᴜʀɴᴇʏ

Wim Hof Method & Shamanic Initiations

The High Mountains of Peru are calling!

Time to answer the call.

Malieokalani Urrutia and Tim Van Der Vliet are grateful to be partnering up to bring you an experience of great initiation. You will embark on a journey of Spiritual Awakening through the innate wisdom of your body and the pure transmission of the snow-capped mountains.

We will be in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, trek the majestic mountain of Salkantay, visit ruins that are not accessible to many, end up in the beloved sacred site of Machu Picchu and hike up Wayna Picchu.

The Wim Hof Method will be the backbone strength training offered by Tim before we hike the high mountains at approximately 15,000 ft. We will use a breathing technique to prevent or overcome altitude sickness.

During this training, you will experience the breathing exercises, mindset/focus training, and optional cold exposure. Furthermore, you will understand the theory, science, and physiology of the Wim Hof Method and with that understand how your body and mind work.

This is a highly transformational experience.

Malieokalani along with Q’ero Shamans, the last Inca tribe in the world and known as the prophecy keepers, will be introducing and supporting the energetic process of the group. In each sacred site, you will receive shamanic rites of initiations which are energetic codes preserved by the elders for this time. These rites reconnect you to the living energy of nature and the lineage of the wisdomkeepers.

Join us for a journey of a lifetime to the Heart of the World.


Cost: 3, 433 USD

Special offer ONLY UNTIL March 23, 2020

2, 905 USD SAVE $548

Deposit: $500 (Nonrefundable but transferable to another person). In case of a second COVID wave allis refunded.

*Save your Space with the deposit and lock Special offer!

Full payment is due by September 31 st.


What you will receive

  • Shamanic initiations

  • Andean ceremonies at sacred sites

  • Daily breathing

  • Optional cold training

  • Mindset and focus training

  • Theory, science and physiology of the Wim Hof Method

  • Hiking to the mesmerizing lakes at the foot of Salkantay.

  • Understanding how your body works

  • Mountain teachings

  • An experience that may change your life forever


  • Be able to influence and control your autoimmune system.

  • More O2 in your muscles and brain, a cure against altitude sickness.

  • Shine brighter and a surplus of vital energy.More energy because we make more red blood cells through WHM breathing and the high altitude. See below.

  • Sharpness and focus for better concentration.

  • Feel more balanced

  • Cope with stress (much) better. Easier to deal with challenges and fear.

  • Improves health and strengthens resilience.

  • Improved performance in sports.

  • Better recovery after exercise.

  • Activate energetic portals within you for higher states of consciousness

  • Gain muscle tone and loose a few pounds

  • Relaxed and Grounded

More red blood cells through the high altitude and breathing techniques

A short example of one of the health benefits of this retreat. The Wim Hof Method breathing helps keep the oxygen level in our body high so we don’t suffer from altitude illness. Both because there is less oxygen in the air and the WHM breathing we will make more red blood cells. Through the higher amount of red blood cells, you will have more oxygen available in your body. This results in more energy, better health and shining brighter. Your friends and family will see a new, and much brighter you when you come back from this retreat.

Shamanic initiations

Are energetic transmissions that have been on the earth from the beginning of time. They are here to heal your past, upgrade your DNA, as well as connect you with a lineage of Earthkeepers that have stepped out of time. These rites are not only stages of initiation, but perhaps steps for the evolution of humanity.

More info: http://munay-ki.org/

The Wim Hof Method

The Wim Hof Method is named after Wim Hof, a.k.a. The Iceman. Wim’s method for mastering the mind-body connection is being studied by scientific institutions around the world. The Wim Hof Method consists of 3 pillars: a breathing technique, mindset training, and cold exposure.

After this retreat training, you will be able to practice the method yourself!

Apu Salkantay

Salkantay is one of the most sacred mountains in the region to the Quechua people because of its height, 20, 574 ft (6,271 m). Its name means “Wild Feminine”. The Quechua people call the high mountains “Apus” meaning mountain Spirit which they honor and hold great respect to the wisdom and protection they provide.

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is an Incan citadel set high in the Andes Mountains in Peru, above the Urubamba River valley. Built-in the 15th century and later abandoned, it’s renowned for its sophisticated dry-stone walls that fuse huge blocks without the use of mortar, intriguing buildings that play on astronomical alignments and panoramic views. Its exact former use remains a mystery.

Wayna Picchu

Wayna which means ‘Young Peak’ in Quechua, is the prominent mountain that sits directly behind Machu Picchu, and can be seen in all its glory overlooking the citadel.

For many trekkers, climbing Huayna Picchu is one of the highlights of a visit to Machu Picchu. The views of the Citadel and surrounding landscape are extraordinary from the top and well worth the climbing effort. According to local guides, the top of the mountain was the residence for the high priest and priestess. Every morning before sunrise, the high priest and priestess with a small group would walk to Machu Picchu to signal the coming of the new day.

You can join this retreat if you

  • Can walk up a mountain for a few hours

  • Physically healthy

  • Are ready to go through a great transformation

  • You love to be challenged

  • Can be open to the unpredictable movement that a spiritual journey provides

About Malieokalani

“My mission as a healer is to empower the healer inside of each person I meet” -MU

Malieokalani is a community leader, who has been initiated in the healing traditions of the Amazon and the Andes. She mentors women and leads spiritual expeditions throughout the Americas.

Malieokalani, has received shamanic training in the Andean Medicine Wheel at the Four Winds Healing the Light Body School.

She is an incredibly gifted medicine woman that heals with the elements, guardians of the earth, her guides, and angels. In the last few years, she has been producing and leading holistic events and mentoring women from around the globe.

A mother of four children, a full-time mentor, and healer, currently developing an online school to support the awakening of the feminine. Her life’s passion is to share the energetic initiations she received which transformed her life. They have the promise to free the world of suffering to self-empower individuals by restoring the energetic rainbow body to create a world of peace and freedom.

About Tim

It’s my goal to give you tools to positively influence your autoimmune system, improve your energy level, get your body strong and flexible and get more focus. This awareness improves the balance between body and mind. All participants will also receive various tools to help them with the journey afterward. I am trained by Wim personally. I hope you get inspired and learn new things during this transforming event.

Tim van der Vliet is a teacher, author, runs his own investment fund and is a father of 4 children. Apart from a healthy lifestyle, he has learned how breathing properly helps him feel calmer, be healthier and cope with stress better. And even that he can influence his autoimmune system and alkalize his blood through light exercise and breathing. This comes in handy in his busy, but no stress, lifestyle.

Tim has been trained personally by the world-famous Wim Hof (aka ‘The Iceman’) whose techniques for mastering the mind-body connection are being studied by scientific institutions around the world. Tim is one of the few Wim Hof Method level 3 instructors in the world.

Tim is best described as a “Freedom Teacher”. Wherever you are in your path, it is always possible to attain some kind of freedom. Being free may be the ultimate goal in life.


The main lodge is located in the Sacred Valley at the foot of Apu Intihuatana, Pisac’s sacred ruins. https://www.nidrawasi.org/

Most of our rooms are double occupancy and a few are triple occupancy so be prepared to share a room with group participants. The room you will receive depends on the time of your registration. We will offer rooms at first come first serve.

There will be three nights you will be camping with the best quality tent and sleeping bag provided by my mountain excursion company.

Cost: 3, 433

Special offer ONLY UNTIL March 23, 2020

2, 905 SAVE $548

Deposit: $500 (Nonrefundable but transferable to another person)

*Save your Space with the deposit and lock Special offer!

Full payment is due by June 31 st.


  • Transportation within the entire journey except upon arrival to and from the airport.

  • Wim Hof Training

  • All-mountain excursions- equipment, guides, entrance fees to ruins, ceremonies and spiritual work with shamans.

  • Lodge and hotels for 9 nights and 10 days

  • Almost all of the meals (80%)

What it does not include:

  • Does not include Airfare to Cusco.

  • Does not include transportation to and from the airport

  • Does not include some meals

Program for 10 days/9 nights

Day 1

Arrive in Cusco, Peru airport, take transportation to the Sacred Valley, Pisac to Nidra Wasi Lodge where your accommodations will be located.

Check-in is at 12:00 PM

We advise you to begin to drink the coca leaf tea as soon as you arrive to assist you with altitude adjustment found in your room or lodge diner.

In the early evening, our activities begin. We will have a group gathering, welcome ceremony along with logistic preparation for the Wim Hof Training.

*Meals Included: Lunch & Dinner

Day 2

Wim Hof Method Fundamental Training.

Science and Physiology, Mindset Training Basic Breathing Technique, Optional Cold Exposure.

*All meals included

Day 3

Wim Hof Method Advanced Training.

Advanced Breathing Techniques, Optional Cold Exposure, How To Strengthen Altitude Endurance

In the evening we will visit the Capital city of Cusco for one night. You are free to dine where you wish and explore the city. Following day we will be picked up very early for our mountain excursion.

*Meals Included: Breakfast & Lunch

Day 4 thru 6

We rise before the sun to travel by vehicle to begin the first-day hike to Apu Salkantay. We will hike towards lake Humantay, which is at the foothills of this beautiful Glacier.

Nature and Spirits of the mountains will be our guides to discover more of who we are, what we can endure and overcome. We will receive the powerful sacred shamanic rites from the Q’ero shamans to support us on our journey as well as our life’s path.

The ceremonies carried out will be guided by Q’ero Shamans and Malieokalani.

These nights we will be camping under starry skies away from devices and plugged into the expansive pristine energy available for us to regenerate ourselves.

We will use the Wim Hof Method breathing to have an optimal experience at High Altitude.

We have oximeters to measure our oxygen levels. Optional cold training. Daily breathing sessions.

*All meals included

Day 7th

We rise on our last day of hiking Salkantay to visit for the ultimate pleasure and the highlight of the day, the Hot Springs of Cocalmayo.  Unwind your body after the long hike a much-deserved relaxation!  Hike up to LLACTAPATA Inca ruins, and explore the ancient Inca city, which used to be covered with vegetation. Enjoy from this viewpoint the best angles to see the great citadel of Machu Picchu from far away. Following in the ancient footsteps of the Incas, explore the nooks and crannies of the Lost City of the Incas, Machu Picchu, one of the 7 wonders of the world.

After, our group will be picked up by vehicle to rest one night in the neighboring village of Machu Picchu called Aguas Caliente.

*Meal Included: Breakfast

Day 8th

We rise before the sun to Visit Machu Picchu and Hike Wayna Picchu.

In the afternoon, we will take the train to Ollantaytambo to have dinner in a mystical little village which overlooks fortress ruins of the Incas before we head back to our main lodge Nidra Wasi.

Meal Included: Brunch bag style provided by the hotel to take to Machu Picchu. Perfect day to eat light and bring your snacks.

Day 9th

A day of integration! This is a free day to visit the market, use spa amenities, relax and go at your own pace. In the evening we will have a Circle of the Sweet Word Ceremony to close off our adventure.

*All meals included

Day 10th

Check-out is at 10:00 AM


Tupanachiscama! Until Next Time!

*Meal included: Breakfast