We provide corporate sessions tailored to your specific needs, guided by our proven formula for success.

With a focus on improving aspects such as sleep, focus, concentration, and overall workforce efficiency, our programs offer transformative experiences that elevate performance and address key challenges.


Our Services:

Executive Coaching:

Through our executive coaching program, we empower individuals to perform at their highest level in every aspect of their lives. With an understanding of high-pressure environments and a focus on efficiency, I provide personalized guidance and support to unlock your full potential.

Keynote: The Secret Of Stress Relief through Breathing (Online or In-person):

Our captivating keynote presentation explores the power of breathing techniques for stress relief. Drawing from my experience in demanding markets, I share insights and practical tools to effectively manage stress and optimize well-being.

The Ice Bath Experience (In-person):

Our immersive ice bath experience combines breathwork with an invigorating plunge into cold water. This unique encounter offers profound physical and mental benefits, promoting resilience, focus, and personal growth. 

Custom Program Design For Best Results: We understand that each organization has unique needs. Therefore, we offer custom program design to ensure that your specific requirements are addressed effectively. By tailoring the sessions to your objectives, we create an experience that yields the best results for your team.

We understand high-pressure work environments and are committed to your success. Join us on this transformative journey as we help you unlock your true potential and achieve remarkable results.

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Why Tim?

After working on the Amsterdam Option Market for over 13 years and studying the economy and becoming a CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst), Tim understands firsthand what it means to work under high pressure.
Drawing from his experience, he knows the importance of efficiency and time-saving when it comes to performing at your highest level possible.


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