Discover the Life-Changing power of TT Breathwork and Transform your life for good!

A coaching program to REVOLUTIONIZE YOUR LIFE by Boosting Your Energy, Reduce Stress, and Achieve Peak Performance

Backed by science

Practical knowledge and techniques.
Directly applicable in everyday life. 
Energy and calmness at will. 

Proven techniques

Safe techniques that helped 5000+ people in the Western world.
If it doesn’t help you, you get your money back.

Straight to the point

Short straight to the point lessons.
Accessible for any level of experience.
Quick fixes for real life problems.

Your transformation

Stress relief

  • Instantly calm down when needed
  • Get over anxiety or panic attacks

More energy

  • Get energy in 5 minutes when needed
  • Sleep better

Weight loss

  • Better health
  • No diet

Mental clarity

  • Release essential neurotransmitters such as dopamine, DMT and endorphins
  • Get your focus back in minutes  

Building routines​

  • A morning routine with minimum effort and maximum output
  • Know which breathing technique to use in any situation

Better sports performance

  • Breathing techniques for strength training, cardio and yoga
  • Preparation towards peak performance

Google reviews

Juan HaywardJuan Hayward
09:37 17 May 22
This course is amazing!You have access to a huge wealth of knowledge, insights and personal attention. The path to becoming a breath work instructor is nurtured under Tim’s guiding hand and also by guest instructors in the breath work community. The course is beautifully designed to help you attain the knowledge and passion gradually and in doing so help you grow as a person within yourself or to becoming a human 2.0 as Tim says. Learning this is not a lonely thing either, as you grow a bond with your fellow students and you feel part of a community but without the constraint on your own freedom. In short you feel connected from day one. Your confidence to teach this knowledge will grow also until you are able to put your own identity in how you want to use this amazing thing.
Richard PRichard P
13:41 05 May 22
Very experienced and engaging trainer. His interest in constantly improving and keeping up with the latest health science sets him apart and above most other practitioners.
Felix TaylorFelix Taylor
19:54 25 Apr 22
Tim is an absolute boss! Funny, charismatic and so passionate about his work it’s impossible not to have an amazing time. I can also safely say that this stuff works too, instant stress relief doing his breathe work and cold exposure training. I would highly recommend TT
Rodrigo PasqualinRodrigo Pasqualin
19:45 31 Mar 22
Hey Tim, I would like to thank you for our immersion day in Brazil. It was an incredible experience, although we just used simple tools! Everyone misunderstand the power of breathing and cold therapy and we have never been able to learn this powerful tools in a common base. Well it is a strong transformation and it really chance our alchemy.I was observing your manipulation technique while the first girl that had her feet entirely broken got into the ice bath. At the end u said: beautiful transformation. Well what I can tell?, Your sensibility provides open a space in which creates a opportunity to get into peoples head with such an amazing respect, love and effectiveness. So you help them control their own emotion! You are very kind, funny and a great instructor! It was an honor to meet you.Well breathing exercises creates an opportunity in our state of mind which helps our control cold therapy. All the exercises really changed my alchemy. I hope to see u soon!Please let me know when come to SP again 🙏🏼
Maarten VosMaarten Vos
10:28 03 Mar 22
I have spent an amazing week with Tim in beautiful Patagonia doing nothing but breath work and ice-baths (and taking lots of naps recovering). Tim is great teacher: clearly passionate about breathing, really down to earth and very knowledgeable on the subject. He gives you small and therefore easily achievable, daily exercises which you can do at home. That really works well for me and helps me to improve on all aspects in life. Any of Tim's workshops are highly recommended as a gift to yourself!
Tim van der Vliet
Based on 64 reviews
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Control Your Breath

By the end of the six weeks, you have learned everything you need to know about breathing, for the rest of your life. 

Every week we will focus on a combination of:

  • Breathing exercises
  • Spine straightening exercises
  • Light cold training
  • The use of breathing techniques in everyday life
  • Building a morning routine
  • Science & physiology of breathing and cold training.

Week 1

Intro to breathwork and a morning routine

Energy, health and focus with a morning routine. 

Week 2

Breathing basics, position and proper breathing

What is better? Belly – chest, nose – mouth and what position?

Week 3

Calming down breathing techniques

Know how to relieve anxiety and calm down in a minute.

Week 4

Deep breathing breath hold techniques

TT™ breathing, a deep breathing – breath hold technique. 

Week 5

DMT breathing and healing techniques part 1

In this week we will cover more intense breathing techniques, healing and trauma release.

Week 6

Sports performance and healing part 2

Know what to do when. Get over new or old  injuries. Upgrade your sports performance.

Available Packages

Control Your Breath

Online Course
  • 25+ different breathing techniques
  • 20+ hours of instructional videos
  • 100+ comprehensive/instructional videos
  • 6 recorded group coaching sessions
  • Breathing sessions
  • Self tests
  • Mindset training
  • Physical exercises that cost almost no time
  • TT breathing, DMT breathing
  • Simplified Tummo breathing
  • Quick fixes for everyday life situations
  • Specials from guest instructors
  • Monthly Q&A Mastermind session (for one year)
  • Lifetime access






TT School (Tim van der Vliet or Zen from Amsterdam)

is exempt from VAT

because of its official registration as an educational institute at CRKBO

Upcoming start dates group coaching program

Wednesday 28th of June at 7 pm CET, 6 pm UK, 1 pm EST, 10 am LA time

Meet Tim van der Vliet

Tim van der Vliet is from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He is the founder of TT Breathwork, a breathwork and cold exposure specialist, Youtuber, author and a father of 5 children.

Tim started his career as a market maker on the Dutch Option Exchange. After 13 years he realized that his intense lifestyle was not the way to live. He said goodbye to his successful career and became interested in breathwork.

He started out 15 years ago with daily yoga breathing techniques. Tim’s extensive training with Wim Hof and his daily practice of 15+ years has led him to the creation of his own techniques that are simple yet extremely efficient. And his success as a breathwork instructor. Tim completed the Wim Hof Method Academy in 2016 and has been teaching the WHM for 6 years extensively all over the world.

Through his online and offline programs, and Youtube he has reached over 1 million people. Tim now travels the world teaching and training instructors breathwork and cold exposure.

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How much time do I have to invest in this course?

If you choose to take this course at the normal pace, you will invest 3 hours weekly to absorb and apply all the material. Of course you can take this course at your own pace. So you can take as long as you want. 

Does this course suit my needs?

This course is for anyone who wants to learn more about the power of breathing. You will learn to take control of your own life through breathing techniques. You will get full insight and practical applications of all knowledge and techniques, so you can use them at any time in your life. You can also find a few quick fixes for real life problems as lower back pain and instant stress relief. 

What about the money back guarantee?

Because I’m sure this course offers unprecedented value (I know this because I’ve seen it thousands of times), I’m giving you a money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the content of this course, report it within 14 days and you will get your money back. No questions asked.

What is the difference between the online course and adding the group coaching feature?

When you opt for adding the group coaching, you will get everything that the online course offers plus:
* 6 x 90 minute group coaching
* 6 x 30 minute Q/A after the group coaching call
* Whatsapp community
* An accountability partner with whom you will check your progress 

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes, you can. Just send me a message (whatsapp) at +31626736170 or email

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