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4 levels to become a legend breathwork instructor

Backed by science

Practical knowledge and techniques.
Direct applicable in everyday life. 
Confident about teaching. 

Proven techniques

Safe techniques that helped 5000+ people in the Western world.
Quick fixes for real life problems. 

Best in class

Experienced instructors that teach you 6 breathing schools
Experience and learn theory and practice.
Learn to make it your business.

Alexandre Fonseca
Alexandre Fonseca
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Amazing energy, sense of humour and care. Expertise combined with experience and humanity. I released tears of joy after one of the breathing rounds lead by Tim and surrounded by a lovely group and had a fantastic weekend! Thank you!
Bjarte Baade Sandal
Bjarte Baade Sandal
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Excellent tutor with a lifetime of experience. Straight to the core of the matter, and paying attention equally to everyone during group sessions. I'll gladly join him again for the next workshop!
Aron Karmazsin
Aron Karmazsin
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Tim's Control your breath control Your life group coaching course was phenomenal. Perfect level of practical, theoretical, scientific and spiritual elements with his fun and engaging teaching style. I can't wait to continue on the journey with Tim
Laura Manca
Laura Manca
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Tim is an amazing coach, very knowledgable and well prepared. I've known him for many years and attended many of his seminars and workshops. I highly recommend his online course and keep an eye on his travelling schedule for a workshop in your area!

The breathwork instructor program

The instructor course consists of 4 levels: about half a year online group coaching and a 7 day in-person retreat. 

Level 1 – Control Your Breath – Control Your Life – 6 week online group coaching
Level 2 – Become A Pro – 8 week online group coaching  
Level 3 – Master Instructor – 10 week online group coaching
Level 4 – Legend Instructor – 7 day in-person retreat

Level 1 - Control Your Breath - Control Your Life

Control Your Breath – Control Your Life is a 6-week online program where you learn all you need to know about breathing and integrate it into your life. Backed by science. Practical knowledge and techniques that are directly applicable and easy to implement into everyday life. Safe and proven techniques that helped 5000+ people in the Western world. The lessons are short and straight to the point. The program is accessible for any level of experience. It consists, among so many other things, of quick fixes for real life problems.

Level 2 - Become A Pro

Level 2 Become A Pro is an  8-week online group coaching program. You will practice deep breathing – breath hold techniques such as STummo and TT basic, intermediate and advanced. Other instructors will teach you Stig Severinsen’s Breathology, Patrick McKeown’s Oxygen Advantage, the Alchemy of Breath (conscious connected breathing) and extensive Pranayama teachings. 

As a result you will learn the difference between all these techniques, in 3 ways. 
1) The mechanics. How to apply the breathing technique. 
2) Science and physiology. 
3) Learn to practice the different techniques in order to speak from your own experience and be fully authentic. 

Note that you will not get a license in these breathing techniques (licence only for TT™ and S-Tummo) but you will be able to answer any question about breathwork. This is essential for becoming a licensed instructor that makes impact online and offline, in the corporate world and non-corporate world. 

Simplified Tummo

  • A simple technique that you can practice anywhere and teach to anyone.
  • Derived from the Tibetan Tummo Technique.
  • Teacher: Tim van der Vliet.


  • Pranayama techniques are old yogi techniques and consists of various techniques that have different benefits.
  •  Simple and very efficient.
  • Teacher: Iryna Ivanova. 


  • Breathologu is the technique of world record holder breath hold Stig Severinsen. 
  • The art and science of breath holding. 
  • Teacher: Mahdi Hamidi. 

Oxygen Advantage

  • Patrick McGowen’s techniques derived from the Buteyko technique.
  • The art and science of CO2 tolerance training and breathing little and less. 
  • Teacher: Johnny Longinidis. 

Alchemy of Breath

  • The Alchemy of Breath is a techique that uses Conscious Connected Breathing. Founded by Anthony Abbagnano. 
  • The technique affects your sense of clarity, connection, and peace.
  • Teacher: Julian von Dueffel

TT breathing

  • Tim’s own technique that is efficient and can be used for different purposes. 
  •  Highly flexible in use as a morning practice or on your way in everyday life. 
  • Teacher: Tim van der Vliet. 

Level 3 - Master Instructor Level

In Level 3, the Master Instructor level you will get 10 online group coaching sessions. You will learn the ins and outs of breathwork guidance. Both for online sessions and “offline” sessions. You will learn how to instruct at a yoga school, the military, children and the corporate world. The corporate world, in my view, is where our teachings have the most impact. Imagine helping change a management team of a big company that is responsible for hiring thousands of people. Or assisting that startup that will clean up the sea because they have invented a tool to get the plastic out of the ocean. Helping people raise their consciousness through breathwork and cleaning up the planet. This is my purpose. This is my dream. 

In Level 3 you will be instructed by 4 instructors (and Tim)  that have shown to be very successful as a breathwork instructor, both in terms of helping people as well as earning a living.   

You will assist me in live online or offline courses for hands on training. 


  • Teach and practice 40+ breathing techniques
  • 6 different breathing schools and philosophies
  • Up to date about the science and physiology
  • Assist and guide yourself
  •  The power of intention


  • Awaken your inner teacher
  • Assess your client 
  • Solve people’s problems
  • Manipulate energy for the benefit of yourself and your clients
  • Speak from experience
  • Learn to be an authentic instructor
  • Get experience through assisting in online and offline events


  • How to make yourself known
  • Teaching in the corporate world or the yoga school
  • Build up your business from scratch
  • Create a business model
  • Build your network
  • Work together with me

Level 4 Instructor 7 day in-person retreat

Level 4 is the 7 day in person retreat. We will meet at a in-person retreat for 7 days to make sure you are fully ready to make your impact as a breathwork instructor. 

This retreat will help you in your own breathwork practice. This is where we go deeper into our breathing sessions. Also you will learn to guide others when you are physically present. The retreat is a present on itself. 

Package Deals

Level 1, 2 and 3 + Online Group Coaching

Breathwork Instructor Program
  • 24 live group coaching sessions
  • 50+ hours of instructional videos
  • 200+ comprehensive/instructional videos
  • 24 recorded group coaching sessions
  • 5 breathwork schools
  • Build up your own practice
  • Ready to teach at any place in the world
  • Weekly Q&A for two years
  • Lifetime access
  • Be a confident and authentic teacher
  • New levels of energy and health for yourself
  • Make this your business
  • Whatsapp group community
  • Accountability partner
  • Instructors are available

Level 1, 2 and 3 + Online Group Coching + Level 4
(7 day in-person retreat)

Breathwork Instructor Program
  • A 7 day in-person retreat
  • 24 recorded group coaching sessions
  • 50+ hours of instructional videos
  • 200+ comprehensive/instructional videos
  • 5 breathwork schools
  • Build up your own practice
  • Ready to teach at any place in the world
  • Weekly Q&A for two year
  • Lifetime access
  • 24 live group coaching sessions
  • Be a confident and authentic teacher
  • New levels of energy and health for yourself
  • Make this your business
  • Whatsapp group community
  • Accountability partner
  • Instructors are available

If you book now, you will receive a personalized Instructor Master Plan. 

If you have any questions, send me a Whatsapp message (phone number upper left corner of this website) or book a call with me.


Meet our instructors

Tim van der Vliet

Tim is a breathwork specialist, TT instructor, Wim Hof Method level 2 instructor and a breathwork YouTuber. 

Economist, ex financial trader and CFA level 3. 

Mahdi Hamidi

Mahdi is a TT Instructor, Breatheology instructor, level 2 Wim Hof Method instructor, a breath guide at Hale Breathwork Center, and a nature and kayaking guide.

Iryna Ivanova

Iryna is the founder of “Iryna Business Yoga and a certified Yoga & Pranayama Breathing instructor with a mission of supporting companies and people with their mental and physical health.

Johnny Longinidis

Johnny is a breathwork expert. He is a certified Oxygen Advantage coach, a E-200 Registered Yoga Teacher from Mystic Yoga Shala, and a certified subconscious mind coach and quantum healer from Heart Led Leaders. 

Julian von Dueffel

Julian is currently a nomad travelling primarily between Rio de Janeiro and Europe. He is a certified facilitator of Alchemy of Breath. This is the foundation of Transformational Breath, Holotropic Breathing and Rebirthing. 

Pavla Borg

Pavla is a specialist in breathing with intention and setting the right intentions.  level 1 WHM instructor. 

Dan de Luis

Dan is a corporate stress reduction specialist, biohacker, mindfulness, meditation, breathwork and yoga instructor. Daniel has blended both of the ancient wisdoms and advanced science to develop a system that helps others to find their full human potential.

Juan Pablo Alvarez

Juan Pablo is a successful breathwork facilitator based in Mexico. He has been working in the corporate world and has changed into a breathwork instructor. Juan Pablo faced a severe autoimmune lyme disease that he healed completely. 

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How much time per week do I have to invest in this instructor program?

In level 1 you will invest a minimum of 7 minutes per day plus the weekly group coaching call of 90 minutes. If you want you can spend a lot more time watching the online content, about a maximum of 3 hours per week extra.  

In level 2 the minimal daily practice will be 15 minutes per day and 90 minutes per week in the group coaching call. Here too, if you want, you can spend more time: a longer morning routine, watching the online material, killing your dead moments in everyday life with some breathing, etc. 

In level 3 you will get more assignments because we will ask you to start guiding. 

Level 4 is one week of training. 

How long will it take for me to be an licensed instructor

After level 1 you are already a level 1 instructor. So pretty fast :). You are invited after level 1 to put to practice what you have learned for yourself. But also to help others. Use those 1-5 minute exercises to blow people’s minds. 

To be a level 4 instructor takes between 6 months to a year. We are doing level 2 and 3 group coaching once a year. Before that you can practice the level 2 and 3 online material. By the time you will start your group coaching sessions you have seen the material already and you will probably have very specific questions during our live group coaching session. If you have seen material twice the info really lands and you are becoming that true, authentic, professional breathwork instructor. 

In what techniques will I be officially licensed?

Although you will learn a lot of breathing techniques from different schools (Pranayama, Oxygen Advantage, Breatheology, Alchemy of Breath) from very experienced licensed instructors, I cannot make you an instructor in these techniques. 

You will be licensed in Simplified Tummo (STummo) and TT  techniques (exercise – breathing – cold training). 

But you will know about what is out there in the breathwork world, know the difference from a scientific point of view, and be fully authentic because you have practiced everything yourself. 

Do I have to book all 4 levels immediately?

There are 3 options here.

1) After level 1 you can decide to go for level 2 and book each level separately. Although you will not pay the website price, this is more expensive than option 2 and 3. 

2) You book the 3 online levels and the retreat later. Cheaper than option 1 but more expensive than option 3. 

3) You book all 4 levels in one go. You understand that this is best for us because we can plan better. That’s why you pay the least. 

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes you can, just send me a message at, book a call (blue button below) or maybe better send me a whatsapp message at +31 626 73 61 70 (also in the upper left corner of this website).

What about the money back guarantee?

After level 1 (6 weeks) if you feel this course is not for you, you can get your money back minus the costs of level 1, which is 665 euro (discounted price). No questions asked. 

If you have any questions, send me a Whatsapp message (phone number upper left corner of this website) or book a call with me.


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