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Transform your business today with Breathwork by unlocking stress relief, increased productivity and better decision-making.


There are 5 mistakes around stress relief that may cost you energy, business and impact as a coach, yoga teacher or sports instructor.

I know because I talk to people like you every week.

People who

TT Breathwork is a powerful yet simple tool that can help your clients unlock their full potential

Learn how to avoid the 5 biggest mistakes and what to do instead, in a FREE & INTERACTIVE 2 - 2,5 hr masterclass!

Our webinar is specifically designed for European Coaches, Yoga teachers and sports instructors to give you the tools and knowledge you need to help your clients reach their goals. We will teach you the basics of breathwork and how to use it effectively with your clients.

The training is 100% live and we will answer all your questions.

Only for a limited period!


19.00 PM Central European Time (CET)

(Brussels, Amsterdam, Copenhage)

The free webinar starts in


Here is what you will learn in this FREE MASTERCLASS

  • A breathwork tool that instantly relieves stress (tested on over ten thousand people in an ice bath).
  • A 5-minute breathwork practice that relieves stress, gives you energy, laser-sharp focus and higher-quality thoughts.
  • How to build an extremely simple morning routine that you can use to drop weight, wake up without coffee and gets you ready for a productive day so you have more free time for friends and family.

Meet your masterclass host


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Hi I’m Tim!

I started my career as a trader on the Dutch Option And Stock Exchange. After 13 years I realized that his intense lifestyle was not the way to live. I said goodbye to my successful career and became interested in breathwork. 

I have trained extensively with Wim Hof, I have completed the Wim Hof Method Academy in 2016, and my daily practice of 15+ years I found and developed the most efficient breathwork techniques to get energy, calm down and get laser sharp focus. My breathwork techniques are called TT (Tim’s Techniques). 

I use them myself on a daily basis and it gets me to keep my energy high when I need it, to instantly calm down and to go from zero to hero in less than 10 minutes time. TT breathwork is the most efficient way to get out of your head and into your body. 

It is my purpose to help people through my techniques, teaching coaches and consultants to teach breathwork techniques, ultimately creating a profound change in this world. 

From humanity 1.0 to humanity 2.0. 

Other than that I am a total breathwork nerd and a Youtuber. 

Ah and did I mention I have 5 kids? I know what stress is :). 

I am training thousands of people per year in-person and I have reached over 1 million people online via. 

I can’t wait to help you grow your business, so you can make a bigger difference and have more freedom in your life too!

See you in the free training!

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