Remove ANY physical and emotional limitations with TT BREATHWORK!


Unlock your potential to reach greater success!

Is this you:

  • have the knowledge but you feel you can do better and make more of a difference to others. You’d like to learn a technique to relieve stress in an instant that can help you, your colleagues and potentially even your clients.
  • are good in your business but struggle to stay focused, improve your health, and have a better productivity.
  • have a deep longing to enhance performance in various areas of life, such as business, relationship, sport and meaning.

TT Breathwork is a powerful yet simple tool
that can help you unlock this potential

This webinar is specifically designed for high performing entrepreneurs to give you the tools and knowledge you need to help your reach your goals. We will teach you the basics of breathwork and how to use it effectively.

The training is 100% live and I will answer all your questions.

Only for a limited period!


19.00 PM Central European Time (CET)

(Brussels, Amsterdam, Copenhagen time)

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Here is what you will learn in this FREE MASTERCLASS

  • A TT breathwork tool that relieves stress in one breath (tested on over ten thousand people)
  • A 5-minute TT breathwork practice that calms you down like never before. It gives you energy, laser-sharp focus and higher quality thoughts, instantly.
  • How to build an extremely simple morning routine that you can use to drop weight and gives you natural energy. It gets you ready for a productive day in only 7 minutes, so you have more free time for friends and family.

Meet your masterclass host


Hi, I’m Tim!
Having started my career as a trader on the Dutch Option and Stock Exchange, I’ve always been driven to achieve success. However, after 13 years of the high-pressure lifestyle, I realized that it wasn’t the way I wanted to live. That’s when I decided to make a change and explore the power of breathwork.

Through extensive training with the legendary Wim Hof, I’ve developed the most effective breathwork techniques to achieve energy, calmness, and laser-sharp focus. These techniques, which I call TT Breathwork (Tim’s Techniques), have been honed over 15 years of daily practice, and I use them myself to maintain high energy levels and calmness, even in the most challenging situations.

My passion for breathwork led me to develop TT Breathwork, which is the most efficient way to shift from being stuck in your head to being present in your body. My mission is to help people improve their lives through the power of breathwork, and to that end, I train coaches and consultants to teach TT Breathwork and create a profound change in the world.

Apart from being a breathwork nerd, I’m also a proud father of five and a YouTuber. I’ve trained thousands of people in person, and now, through my masterclass, I’m excited to help you grow your business by incorporating TT Breathwork. You’ll be able to make a greater impact and enjoy more freedom in your life!

Join me in the free masterclass, and let’s discover the power of TT Breathwork together. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

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