What is Zen from Amsterdam?

Zen from Amsterdam is my own, homemade philosophy, “Zen” without rules. Zen from Amsterdam was founded with a very happy thought when I was looking for a name for my company about 5 years ago. Just that, a thought that made me smile form cheek to cheek. Now Zen from Amsterdam is what I export to the rest of the world. Zen from Amsterdam consists of 3 levels.

Zen from Amsterdam first logo

This was my first logo. The Japanese sign means “light”.

Zen from Amsterdam Level 1
You create your own rules. If you want to grow in life, connect to your intuition, get everything you want and live that dream life, you should find out what works for you. Only you can find out what works for you, nobody else. This is why I say: “the only Guru is you”. If you blindly follow somebody else who you feel knows better than you, you are missing the point. I am not saying that you cannot have a teacher. Actually I say the opposite. Everybody that you meet and everything that happens in your life can bring you a life lesson, if you are open for it. Also (maybe especially?) those things that you perceive as negative. I am for example inspired by the neighbour’s Bulldog, table tennis, mathematics, self help books, our children, football, traveling, Japan, but also losing all my money (600K Euro) in six months time when I was a trader in the financial world.

If you want to grow to the better version of yourself you should own your life lessons, make them your own, create your own rule-book. Level 1 of Zen from Amsterdam is about you taking authority into your own hands and live by your own rules.

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Zen from Amsterdam Level 2
Level 2 of Zen from Amsterdam is bit paradoxical. Just think of the yin yang symbol for a moment. We are living in a dualistic world. Your rational mind defines things as either day or night, good or bad, love or fear, left or right. These opposites are actually not opposites at all. The day exists because we know something like the night. They are not opposites, they exist because of each other!

For your personal development this means that if you can stand in between the two (seemingly) opposite sides you are growing to the better version of yourself. Standing in between the two opposites or standing in both worlds at the same time is the paradox here. My interpretation, that what works for my personal development, is that if you can be intuitive and rational at the same time your biggest dreams may actually come true. This is because you dare to dream big and at the same time you stay with your feet on the ground and make baby steps towards your dreams. This is personal growth.

If you are stuck, something in your life is not how you want it to be, it means you are too much situated on one side (for example your rational mind). Connect with the other side, start communicating and you will stand in the middle (or in both at the same time) of these two seemingly opposite worlds and the energy will start flowing again. Your life will be in line again with what you want it to be.

What does Amsterdam have to do with all this? In Amsterdam we have everything. All the darker sides (think of our drugs policy) and very much also the bright side. The bright side in Amsterdam is that we have a lot of different nationalities living here, all religions etc. 95% of the nationalities in the world are living together in Amsterdam. We have al the ingredients for a tolerant society where people respect each other no matter where you are from. I believe that this tolerance is just that thing that we should export to the rest of the world. I dream of a world where we all respect each other unconditionally. My task is to spread Zen from Amsterdam.

Level 2 of Zen from Amsterdam is about seeing and learning to stand in the middle, or in both sides at the same time, of the two seemingly opposite sides. Your energy will start flowing and you’ll get the best of two worlds…

Zen from Amsterdam Level 3
So how do you that?! How do you learn to stand in the middle, in between these two sides, your intuition and your rational mind, your work life and leisure time, your manhood and womanhood, your creativity and keeping your feet on the ground, just to name a few examples?

You do this by working on your own mosaic. Your mosaic consists of the body, mind and spirit. Your body part is about your health, if you have the right weight, any injuries? In short how much energy do you have? Your mind side is about learning to live with and change those thought patterns that don’t help you any further. Or maybe they are even destructive. The mind part is about cleaning up your head. The spirit part is about finding out what really moves you. What is the legacy you want to leave behind in this world? What are your dreams? What makes you happy? In this part you might also want to find out more about some mystical questions like: is there life after death and is there more than what we can perceive with our five senses?

Only you can find out what works for you. It is up to you to find out where the gaps are in your mosaic. The only Guru is you.

You can use the mosaic theory and the body, mind and spirit trinity also for your business or for the team you are working in. The body part in your business or team are the computer systems, software and logistics. Is it ready for growth? The mind part is the collective intelligence that you use to do your business. The spirit part is really the energy on the work floor or in a team. According to me, the spirit part is also to have a higher goal than making money. What is the legacy you want to leave behind as a business?

If you start to fill in the gaps in your mosaic, you will find that life will get better and more in balance. Note that working on your trinity is bringing the change in the world. If you have a serious illness and your body is not working optimally, but you are working on your body with for example daily light exercises, you are doing more than enough. Working on your trinity is what this is about. There will be synergy advantages if you put time in your body, mind and spirit trinity. Quite fast you will notice change because the body mind and spirit part are growing. This synergy in your trinity is called flow. Flow is where your life is going into a direction you want it to go but it seems to go automatically. Some people call it synchronicity, others call it coincidences or just plain luck.

When people around you start saying this to you you are definitely on the right path… 🙂

“You are just lucky!”

So far we are talking about personal development. In my workshop Open up and Feel the Force I use 5 steps to finding back your mojo. The first 3 steps are about the body, mind and spirit trinity mentioned above. Step 4, “Feel the Force” is the part where the trinity starts showing synergy and you will get more flow in life. But there is a fifth step that I called “Leave A Legacy”.

Step 5 takes your life beyond your personal growth. This is where you start to get conscious about the effect you have on the rest of the world. I believe that long term joy and inner peace comes from serving a group, your community and even the whole of humanity or planet Earth. There is a strong link between step number 3 (to find out what moves you) and step 5, serving others. If you can find out what your task is here on Earth and how you can serve others you have found what moves you, what brings you true joy and self love. You are leaving a legacy.

You can read more about my workshop Open up and Feel the Force and my other most frequently requested topics on my speaking page or you can view my events here.

Thank you for taking the time to read about Zen from Amsterdam! I hope it will help you and if you’d like to know more or if there is something else you want to tell me you can start the conversation.

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