The Ultimate Tool for Becoming Thoughtless: Making Noise

The Ultimate Tool for Becoming Thoughtless: Making Noise

The first time I heard about meditating from my Spiritual Aunt I kind of panicked. “Meditating is being without thoughts…that’s impossible!”

I really didn’t understand how a person could be without thoughts. Now, many years and many meditations later I have found the ultimate tool for becoming thoughtless: making noise.

The power of paradox
You may be thinking: “making noise is a way to become silent…yeah right! That is not possible.” I know it sounds funny and it is a paradox that by making noise you become silent in your mind.

A paradox is when something is true and not true at the same time. A paradox is a situation in which our mind says: “wait a minute, that is impossible.”. Whenever our mind encounters a paradox it crashes, simply because something cannot be true and untrue at the same time. When your mind crashes, your heart takes over.

This is the power of paradox.

Express yourself
Many teachers teach how to find silence. You can call this meditation if you like. The idea is that if you meditate enough you will be fine. The tool for calming your mind is some form of meditation. I agree but I would like to add something that many people forget.

Apart from finding some form of silence another tool to ease your mind is to express yourself, to make noise. If you are not expressing yourself you are not letting go of the things you don’t need anymore. Expressing yourself can be talking to your friends, a psych or a coach, or just talk to somebody anonymous, grandma at the bus station for example.

Crying and laughing, just releasing energy
Our emotions need expressing, weather it be crying or laughing. We, adults, often suppress our emotions. If you hold down your laughter or your tears you are not releasing your energy. It is essential to express yourself, in whatever way that works for you.

Actually crying is like laughing, just releasing energy.

My teacher, my 3 year old son Liam
How did I get to this insight? By watching my son Liam play. He can cheer and yell when he is happy. But he also cries whenever he feels like it. Because he allows himself to express himself that easily he doesn’t hold his emotions inside.

This is why my son is the “clean sheet“. Whatever passes by he expresses. And the metaphorical weight is falling of his shoulders.

Make some noise
Have you ever been at a concert of a band that you really liked? And then they were playing your favorite song. You were singing along because you know the lyrics. Then when the song ended you cheered, yelled and maybe even screamed. This is a moment of total silence for your mind. This is a moment in which your mind is not wandering of in some kind of story.

You are completely in the moment. You are completely thoughtless.

Can you express yourself freely? What are your tools for expressing yourself? Please share them with me so we can all get inspired by your way of expressing yourself.

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