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Hello! I’d love to speak at your event. I love to inspire people. I really don’t care if I engage with 5 or 500 people. You ask, I show up.

We can talk about what message you would like to get through to your audience.

The subjects I am asked for now are:

  • Freedom as a recipe for happiness, a healthy body and abundance.

  • Open up and Feel the Force. Personal development and one step further.

  • Develop a Trader’s Mind, life lessons from a pit trader for more money and becoming happier.

  • The magic of knowing nothing and other life lessons learned from children.

  • Investing and doing Business with a Purpose. A.k.a. The Art of Zen Investing and doing Business.

Mail me or send me a text message at +31626736170

My talks are accompanied with theory, case studies and stories about daily life experiences. I use film, images and music to get the message over in a light but profound way. I use easy exercises and visualizations that are straightforward and simple to implement in daily life. The way I communicate with my crowd is energetic, positive and with two feet on planet Earth.

A little bit about me

I believe that freedom is the recipe for happiness, a healthy body and abundance.

For thirteen years I worked full time as a trader and then I felt it was time for a rigorous change in my life. I quit my job and after only 6 weeks I self-published my book Spiritual awakening (the easy way). A self-help book with a wink. With the Bulldog on the cover being my spiritual teacher and guru, Sammy the neigbours bulldog.

I had no clue what to do next so I jumped on my bicycle and went to all the places I regularly visit in Amsterdam: coffee places, the yoga school, clothing stores, book shops etc. Without doing any other form of PR I asked about 30 shop owners in Amsterdam to sell my book. The first print of Spiritual Awakening (the easy way), 1500 copies, was sold out within one year. I released a second print, and in February 2013 I signed a contract with Hay House UK for the republication of Spiritual Awakening (the easy way) at the end of 2013. Now my book is available in the UK, USA, Australia, South Africa and India.

Check out some testimonials on my book here.

After that I started giving workshop and lectures, mainly in the UK and in the Netherlands. But soon I went to the US and Korea for workshops and lectures.

I started using Twitter, YouTube and I made a Facebook fanpage.

What you can expect 

Here’s what you can expect from me and my team:

  1. Prompt, professional replies to your phone calls and email messages.

  2. A personal phone consultation with me or a member of my team prior to your event, so we can better understand how I can best serve you and your audience.

  3. Promotion of your event on my blog and social media channels. (If your event is open to the public and you want additional visibility for it.)

  4. A professionally prepared, dynamically delivered presentation focused on achieving the outcomes you want with your audience.

  5. A quick follow-up communication after the event with someone on my team, to make sure I met your expectations. (I’d also like to know how you think I can improve.)

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My Most Requested Topics

The magic of knowing nothing and other life lessons learned from children.



open up feel the force


Open Up and Feel the Force
Personal Development and One Step Further


Follow 5 simple steps to find your mojo back. This is a journey from the mind to the heart and taking it one step further from personal development: helping those around you and start to leave your legacy. Read more >>

After studying and working in the financial district for more than 20 years I have found that we can change the way we do business, globally. This resulted in two talks: “Do What You Love and Make it Your Business” and for businesses “The Art of Zen Investing and Doing Business: a new way of doing business and investing that makes the world more beautiful, helps you in your personal development and brings in more money in the long term.”

Do What You <3 and Make It Your Business
Do what you love head

How can you live an epic life, which includes making money with following your wildest dreams? It is your birth right, to make your dreams come true and make money at the same time. Read more >>

The Art of Zen Investing and Business
art of zen investing and doing business

Based on scientific research I’ll show you there is a different way of doing business and investing. You can help the world and work on your personal development. In the long run you will even make more money. Read more >>

Leave a legacy
Leave a Legacy

People that leave a legacy in our world follow the same 4 step path that we (Marina Lourens and I) are happy to teach you. Get ready to find out what your dreams are, step out of your comfort zone, get up after you have fallen and dare to ask for help. Read more >>

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Tim van der Vliet Speaking

What people are saying

“Tim van der Vliet is a passionate, engaging, heart-centered teacher. We are blessed to have him in our lives.”

– Davidji, author of Secrets of Meditation

“Tim inspired our students in Korea with a spectacular two hour lecture! He was thorough, enlightening and motivational! Tim was so effective in having students break out of their norms in being spiritual and challenged them to think creatively with hearts and minds as well. We would love Tim to come back to give another fantastic lecture.”

– Prof. Jonathan Lee, Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea

“Tim is wonderful! Vibrant, humurous, vulnerable and purely energetic. Great to see someone in action who doesn’t aspire to become the next guru, but just wants to help people find their mojo in everyday life!”

– Mark Aink

“Tim van der Vliet is an absolute delight! He has a wonderful energy, very grounded yet also full of light and enthusiasm. He speaks with such passion and conviction and really does make ‘spiritual awakening’ an easy idea to grasp. Great for newcomers to the idea of spirituality, yet also perfect for those who have been ‘on the path’ for many years as he takes everything back to such simple basics. Highly recommended.”

– Claire Quartel, Conscious Living Events.

“Tims humour and passion for sharing a heart based way of life shines through. We learnt great tips and inspiration for applying spiritual or Zen techniques to daily practical life and to moving our holistic businesses forward. Loved the reminder that ”80% of your business is about Personal development and 20% product and ‘admin’ ” – couldn’t agree more! :-). An evening to remember.”

– Caroline Griffith Inspiral Online, Cambridge.

“Tim has a rare gift for bringing an audience and an event to life. His presentation ‘Open Up and Feel the Force!’ was one of the stand-out highlights amid an incredible line-up at LifeWell’s Superhub in Brighton UK this year. People were buzzing from Tim’s electric, engaging and inspiring session and excitedly talking about it for the rest of the day! He was the natural choice to book also for opening LifeWell’s flagship summer event ‘The Wellbeing Now Seminar’.

– Richi, Integrative Wellbeing Guide and founder of LifeWell.

Tim van der Vliet Speaking

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