Open Up and Feel the Force, Personal Development and One Step Further

Open Up and Feel the Force, Personal Development and One Step Further

>> (Dutch) Open je ogen, persoonlijke groei en een stap verder

Quick Summary

Personal development is about opening up to what is really important for you. In this presentation I’ll teach you in 5 simple but effective steps how to Open Up and Feel your Force. That inner power. This is a journey from your mind to your heart and one step further: leaving a legacy and changing the world around you.

I believe that inspiration can be found everywhere, in travelling, playing table tennis, your children, the neighbours’ dog, and even your nagging boss or hitting the metaphorical rock bottom. If you learn to open up, you will access “The Force” in you.

Presentation Outline

The process to develop yourself and have a positive impact on the world around you consists of 5 steps. In this presentation I’ll explain you about my philosophy  “Zen from Amsterdam”. Zen from Amsterdam is about creating your own rule-book, and how to open up to your hidden powers and feel the Force.

Zen from Amsterdam follows the following structure: first (the first 3 steps) you’ll work on your body, mind and spirit trinity. When you put time in this trinity (explained more below) you will see synergy advantages and you will get more flow on your path, which is step 4. The first 4 steps are about your personal development. Step 5 will take you further to leaving your legacy.

1 Mind: Break Free
Mind Break Free    Here you’ll start to clean up your mind. Peace of mind is attainable for everybody. You can get peace of mind by looking at your thoughts and ask yourself what is really true. We all have our own path but regarding the things that are holding us down, we seem to have the same issues. Not feeling good enough, feeling alone, fear of death, just to name a few. From all these disruptive thought patterns we can learn something so we can use the experience to our benefit.

2 Body: Let Go
FullSizeRenderHow is your body? Are you healthy? Do you have any injuries? How is your energy level? To still the mind and to train the body are just ways of letting go of the energies that you don’t need anymore. In this step you will learn how you can clean up your body in the most simple way.

3 Spirit: Have Fun
IMG_5773What moves you in life? Do you have any clue what brings you joy in your life? In this step you will find out what is important for you: your gratitudes and your dreams. Life is just great if you know what moves you!

4 Feel the Force
IMG_5774What is the Force and how do you get to unleash it? If you pay attention to step 1-3, your body, mind and spirit trinity, you will start to see more flow on your path, or synergy advantages: 1+1+1 = 111, not 3 :). The Force, or flow, is there when your life goes into a direction you want it to go to. What is the secret to get more flow on your path?

5 Leave a Legacy
IMG_5776When you have your life in order, you will probably want to leave a legacy behind. In this step you will become conscious of the effect you have on your surroundings and  start serving a higher goal than your personal development. Leaving a legacy is about serving others. In this step I will show you the 4 things that people do who leave a legacy. Now is the time for your legacy…

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Target Audience

Everybody who is working on their personal development. Some even would like to leave a legacy. This presentation is suitable for individuals working on their personal development, large corporations and non-profits who would like to educate their workforce or tribe. You will become highly productive when you learn to open up to your hidden powers and feel the Force.

Possible Formats

This presentation can be delivered as a keynote, a two hour workshop, or a half-day seminar. The workshops and half-day seminars are ideal for individuals and for Universities and businesses that would like to get students or the workforce to get to know each other and themselves better and work together more efficiently. Keynotes can range from 30–70 minutes, depending on your needs. The ideal keynote length is one hour.

My talks are accompanied with film, music and images. The way I communicate with your crowd is energetic, positive and still with two feet on planet Earth. I use daily life experiences (mathematics, table tennis, losing my money in 6 months time, our 4 children), easy exercises to implement in daily life and visualizations to ensure a perfect mix of information, examples, resting moments, action and having a laugh.

Intended Outcomes

  • A clear view on how to start your personal development

  • Simple and easy to implement exercises and visualizations to clear the mind.

  • Practical and actionable tools to clean up the body

  • Find out what is really important to you in this life time

  • How to get more flow in your life

  • Easy physical qigong exercises and breathing techniques that give you energy and that you can use in daily life

  • How to leave a legacy behind

Topic Authority

My experience in this field is from life itself. I have the ability to learn something from everything that happens in my life and everybody I have met. And I have the abilty to learn something from the things I perceive as negative in my life. I’d love to teach you this ability! I have learned important life lessons being a trader in the financial markets,  raising our 4 children, mathematics, losing my money, in short from every day life.

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