Learn Trading the Financial Markets


Learn Trading the Financial Markets 

The most important thing about trading the financial markets and making money is a certain mindset. A profitable  trader is living in the moment and doesn’t have too much of an ego, just name something I have learned as a trader.

I am happy to teach you all about trading

Many people feel that the world of investing is evil. Just think of the film the Wolf of Wall Street. I believe that you can be an investor or extremely rich and make the world a better place. Isn’t that a beautiful idea?

For who?
This is both for people who are in a professional trading environment and people who want to become a better private investor. Especially for long term investments like your pension I can help you in a relaitively short time.

You can earn money and at the same time help yourself, and the world further.

You can learn:

  • all about the different products and the cost structure of different financial products.

    • the difference between bonds, stocks and options

    • for higher level students the in’s and outs of the option and future markets

  • the mindset of a trader.

  • how you can form a strategy for making make money in the long term, and possibly in the short term.

  • to pinch through the story that banks want to sell you

  • keep your tradiong costs low

  • let you in on some secrets the bank doesn’t want you to know

  • to not be fooled by beautiful promises of financial institutions

  • why you should learn to invest yourself and to invest in yourself

  • what trading and investing can mean for your personal development

  • how it is possible to invest and have a positive impact on the world at the same time.

1 0n 1 coaching: We can have a coffee on on one to see what I can do for you.

Event: En Geld En Geluk, Handelen in Vrijheid (lessen van het Beursplein 5)
Waar: The Conscious Club in Amsterdam Jordaan.
Tijd: 2 dec 2016 19.00-21.00 (tot 22 u biertje/wijntje en gezelligheid)
Prijs: 35 Euro incl. je eerst drankje om 21 u.

Book me as a speaker. We can duiscuss upfront exactly what you expect from me and what you want to accomplish for your crowd.

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