Vids Tim van der Vliet

  • Meditating is Easy, free YouTube course.

  • Here an interview about how I lost all my money being a trader.

  •  Learn how to breathe like Iceman.

    More vids at Tim goes Iceman style.

  • Free Online Class: Find your Dream Job

    More about finding your dream job here.

  • So I just had to fly to Hawai to record this vid ;).

  • The Booktrailer of Spiritual Awakening (the easy way). Spirituality isn’t “whoo whoo”, it’s easy!

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  • Interview with Lilou Mace: “What is Spiritual Awakening?”.

Check out Lilou’s Juicy Livingtour here

  • I learn so much from my kids! Check out this vid what you can learn from skateboarding (with or without your kids).

The filmmaker is my daughter Rio, hence a Rio Productions production…

  • Here another one from Rio Productions, my daily morning yoga routine: the 5 tibetan rites. And look who is joining?!

  • Japanese Zen meets Zen from Amsterdam.

Check out more of Mario Tauchi’s here.

  • The Life of Tim! Made by my 9 year old daughter. Don’t you <3 the iPhone?!

    This is my first rap experience. With friends we “re-arranged” Jay-Z and Alicia Key’s Empire State of mind: a “Vief and Vaal state of mind”.

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    Check out how my spiritual teacher Sammy (the neighbour’s Bulldog) treats me!

    My favorite meditation, the tree meditation! 😉

    Find silence in 45 seconds…

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    Last but not least: the road from age 30 to 40: Dirty! Made for 5 friends who became 40…

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