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I have organized free online webinars about personal development and one step further, which you could call awakening, or spiritual awakening. As well personal development and awakening is about taking a different perspective, about opening up to what’s really happening around you.

From now on, every 3rd wednesday of the month at 7 pm UK time (8 – 9 pm Amsterdam time, 3 – 4 pm EDT, 2 – 3 pm EST and 4 – 5 am Japan time) you can attend this free live interactive webinar Easy Awakening Hangout. Including Q/A through chat.

Any questions or do you want to post questions before hand? Please mail me.

Easy Awakening Hangout

Worldwide! The event will be held live and online on Google Hangouts.

Wednesday 14th January: EAH #9: Feel the Force!

We are moving on with the 5 steps to a lighter life. This hangout step 4: Feel the Force. The Force is when you are moving towards a direction in life where you want to go. And you are moving there effortlessly. Some people call it flow, some call it coincidences or plain luck. Of course this hangout is also for when you are not feeling the force. Wednesday 14th January life at the world wide web. Sign in here.

Time zones
7 – 8 pm UK time
8 – 9 pm Amsterdam time
3 – 4 pm EDT
2 – 3 pm EST
4 – 5 am Japan time (oops early!!)

Past Easy Awakening Hangouts

Feel the Force! EAH January 2015


Have Fun EAH October 2014

Wednesday September 10th 2014. 11 Life Lessons learned in the Trading Pit. In this Hangout I will share the life lessons I learned as a trader at the international financial markets for 13 years. These 11 lessons cover the full spectrum of what people might call “essential life lessons” or even spirituality… “What the …. is spiritual about the financial markets?” you may ask yourself… Join in and be surprised!!

Wednesday 20th August, 2014. Let Go. How do we let go of energies we don’t need anymore?  And how do we let go in daily life? This Easy Awakening Hnagout is about practical tools to let go for the mind and the body. The better you can let go, the higher your life… See this from my book:

Letting go

is all we should now
In the rise and in the fall
In essence it’s just a ride
Don’t hide!
There are angels on your side
No boundaries is what should be deployed
So you can graduate to the High Life

Wednesday 16th July, 2014. Subject: The Secrets of a Longer Life. How do you become extremely old, stay healthy and happy while becoming the oldest version of yourself!

Wednesday 18th June, 2014. Subject: More Breaking Free… Subjects are to miss people (or material) and relationships…

Wednesday 14th May, 2014. Subject: Break Free 1 How to break free from a belief system that holds you down?

Wednesday 16th April, 2014. Subject: What is Spiritual Awakening?