Doing Business with Purpose in a Rapidly Transforming World

Doing Business with Purpose in a Rapidly Transforming World

>> (Dutch) The Art of Zen Investing en Zakendoen

Quick Summary

From studying economics and working in the financial world I learned one thing: our current competitive business model is based on an illusion. If you can see through the illusion, you become a better businessperson. One with a purpose.

Doing business with purpose is a new way of doing business. It is very well possible to do business in such a way that you change the world positively. In other words to do business and invest in the financial markets with a purpose, a higher goal. Apart from earning more money you get more fulfilment out of your life. Practicing this method you become a nicer and richer person. The best of both worlds.

Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.”

– Steve Jobs

Presentation Outline

From my experience as an economist and a trader in the financial world I constructed 5 steps to practicing the Art of Zen Investing and doing Business.

1 Scientific background
Art of Zen Investing step 1 Scientific backgroundWhy is our current way of doing business and investing unsustainable? From a pure scientific point of view I will show you that our current competitive business model is based on a misinterpretation of the theory of Adam Smith, who is seen as the founder of our classical economic theory. A different theory from John Nash (Prisoners Dilemma) is shown as an alternative theory for doing business and investing.

2 The simple theory of Doing Business with Purpose
AOZI step 2The Art of Zen Investing and doing Business is in one sentence: to have a higher goal than making money. If we have a higher goal than making money we start changing the world and taking care of our surroundings. The side effect is that you will make more money (as shown in bullet 5).

3 The 4 guidelines of Doing Business with Purpose

The 4 guidelines are:
1) A higher goal
2) To give service
3) To be transparent
4) Invest in dreams or share some of your profit

4 different levels of Doing Business with Purpose:

1) Personal level and very small business
2) Business level
3) multinational level
4) a governmental level.

5 Why and how you will make more money:
FullSizeRender-4In the long term you will not only change the world for the better, you will also make more money. In this step you will learn why and how this works. The positive side effects of the Doing Business with Purpose.

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Target Audience

This presentation is suitable for individuals who would like to learn how to do business form the heart and make money, business people, large corporations and non-profits who’d like to make this world a better place and would like to have abundance for themselves, stock holders and work force or tribe.

Possible Formats


This presentation can be delivered as a keynote, workshop, or half-day seminar. Keynotes can range from 30–70 minutes, depending on your needs. The ideal keynote length is one hour.

The workshops and half-day seminars are ideal for Universities and businesses that would like change the world and make money in a sustainable way.

My talks are accompanied with film, music and images. The way I communicate with my public is energetic, positive and still with two feet on planet Earth. In a talk of an hour this whole theory is presented. In a workshop of two hours or more we will interactively work on modeling the Art of Zen Investing on the four different levels and interactively finding what would be a higher goal, both personal and business wise.

Intended Outcomes

  • Audience members will learn that our current economic competitive model is based on an illusion.

  • Audience members will learn that money is just another form of energy, important but there is more…

  • Audience members are inspired to change the world while making money on 4 different levels.

  • Audience members will learn how to shift to a higher consciousness both for themselves as well as in business.

  • Audience members learn how to find a higher goal for their business, how to be transparent and give service and why investing in dreams or giving away money keeps the energy, called money, flowing.

Topic Authority

  • I have a Master in Financial Economy at the University of Amsterdam.

  • I have worked as a pit trader in the financial district in Amsterdam for 7 years, e.g. Beursplein 5. In the trading pit I have learned many life lessons. One of the biggest lessons was that a good trader doesn’t have a big ego and stands in between his fear and his overconfidence.

  • I have worked for a Swiss Company called Source Capital AG as a proprietary trader. This means we were trading with with the firm’s own money, as opposed to depositors’ money. This was a high tech environment where I learned to work together with very clever people and learned a lot about Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science.

  • I passed all 3 exams of the post doc CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst®) Program, in 3 years time!

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About Tim

Tim van der Vliet (published author) studied economics and worked for 13 years full time as a trader in the financial markets, 7 years in the trading pit in Amsterdam and 6 years in high frequency (computer) trading. He completed the CFA program. He is a financial specialist that learned that there is more to life than just making money.