Coffee with Tim


If you want to meet me personally you are welcome.

I can help you

  • with financial freedom: investing and learning how to become a trader

  • with mental freedom: your personal development and finding your purpose

  • with physical freedom: lose that little belly and becoming more energetic

  • find out what is true for you and develop your spiritual freedom

Basically I can help you become mentally, physically, financially and spiritually free.

I believe in teaching you how you can develop yourself. In a few sessions you have an idea how to proceed for yourself. It is up to you if you want to be taken by the hand or you just want to have a few sessions for quick inspiration and proceeding on your path yourself.

Everybody in this world has their own path. It is for you to find out what works for you best and what doesn’t. I can help you create your mosaic theory. A mosaic exists of the trinity “Body, Mind and Spirit”. Body is about how healthy you are and how much energy you have in daily life. Your mind part is about learning to think different. The more flexible your mindset is the happier you become, and the better you become in connecting with others. Your spirit part is about what you believe to be true and what is your higher goal or your purpose in life. Maybe there is something that you are born to do?

In our coaching sessions you’ ll find your own mosaic. There is an overlap between the body, mind and spirit parts. Once you identify what you are missing in your mosaic, we can work actively on filling in the gaps, and make huge steps forward towards your mental, physical, financial and spiritual freedom. Mail me if you’d like more information.

From a business point of view you may want to find out what your higher goal is and make more money. Or how to make money with following your purpose.

Personal benefits
In a relatively short time you can re-design your life or your work situation. I can help you follow your dreams and make money at the same time. Or mail me if you are stuck and you don’t know in which direction you want to go.

Business benefits
I can help companies do business with a purpose. And what the benefits are of purposeful business. In a relatively short time you have your higher goal clear and you know why you are doing what you are doing…

Subjects could be:

  • Better trader mindset for trading the financial markets

  • Doing business with a higher goal in mind

  • Wim Hof Training (breathing, mindset and ice bath) from 2017

  • Personal development of your work force.

We can meet in person or through Skype if you are not living in Amsterdam and surroundings. Please contact me here for more info. Or give me a quick call or a Whatsapp on +31626736170.