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Tim Tedx Profile picMy name is Tim van der Vliet and my mission is to help you become more free. Freedom comes in four stages. Mental, physical, financial and spiritual freedom. I like to call it Zen from Amsterdam. No religion. Zen from Amsterdam is my own philosophy, “Zen” without rules. Zen is a word used here in Amsterdam when everything is just right, even if it is just for a moment.

What is Zen from Amsterdam and what can you get out of it? Simply put, Zen from Amsterdam is your way to freedom, a healthy body, abundance and becoming happier.

How do you get more freedom? How do you get a healthy body? How do you become happy? It all starts with creating and following your own rule-book. If you want to follow your intuition there are no other rules to live by but your own. I’d like to teach you how to get to know your own rules.

I was a trader in the financial world and learnt many lessons about myself during that time. Recently I have rented myself out to a Hedge fund called TRZ Funds. Although I am now working crazy hours I am free. It may sound like a paradox but a good trader is free in his or her head. I learnt how to incorporate following my heart into daily life and manage to have more than enough to raise four children and have time to help them with their homework (and do fun stuff for myself!). I was able to build a bridge between my path of leaving my own legacy here on Earth and reality here on the same Earth. Is it possible to be free when you have 4 children, being the stay at home dad, making money, having a mortgage and a relationship?  The answer is yes. You might find in my talks, workshops and blogs that Zen from Amsterdam is this bridge.

I make philosophy easier to understand so you can use it in everyday life. I come across life lessons in seemingly very normal things like table tennis, football, the financial world, mathematics and of course the neighbour’s dog. See the 5 free lessons in the sidebar —>. I hope that my path, which is full of failures and imperfections, will inspire you…

Here a taste of what Zen from Amsterdam is:

Being your own Guru, having your own path and creating your own rulebook is where Zen from Amsterdam starts, level 1. Level 2 and 3 of Zen from Amsterdam are about how you can create your own rulebook. I use this template in my talks, in coaching sessions and in my business. Read more about Zen from Amsterdam here.

Watch this video of Lilou Mace interviewing me.

Would you like to here me speak? These are my current talks;

-Workshop Daddy, You Really Don’t Understand Anything… Do You?! aka The Workshop For Problem Parents

Open Up and Feel the Force, Personal Development and One Step Further

Do What You Love and Make It Your Business

The Art of Zen Investing and Business

Leave a Legacy

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In my blogs you can read about Zen from Amsterdam. In 2010 I quit my job, turned my life upside down, wrote a book and started spreading Zen from Amsterdam. I started telling people about my philosophy through coaching, speaking, courses and my blogs. It’s pretty scary sometimes to speak from your heart. But I managed so far!

If you want to unleash your full potential and you don’t know how or you are looking for some extra inspiration, this blog is for you.

I write on:
– Body Zen and the Wim Hof Method
– Zen from Amsterdam Life Style
– Children & Parenting
– Screwing it up but learning from it

I am currently very busy so I don’t want to make a promise how often I write a blog. Just subscribe and you will see them coming.

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My biography:

I am a father of four. I am also an author under Hay House Publishers, Bruna and Water. I love to do yoga and get around on my bike here in Amsterdam.

My family

About 18 years ago I started working as a trader in the financial world. I learnt some pretty essential life lessons about freedom in this place, “the market”. On my first day my boss told me that a good trader doesn’t have a big ego. He said: “Ego shows in two ways: being fearful and being too big for your boots. If a trader can stay in between his fear and overconfidence, is able to zoom out, he becomes a better trader”. Of course, imperfect as I am…OK because my ego was too big, I forgot this lesson and lost all my money in 6 months time. I re-learnt my first day’s lessons the hard way.

This loss made me more centered though. Now I still live this life lesson. If you are able to stand in between the two seemingly opposite dualistical sides, e.g. man-woman, heaven-earth, work-leisure time, mind-heart, back office-front office, and so on… You become a nicer person, both for yourself and your surroundings. This is the way to stay centered. This is Zen from Amsterdam level 2.

Formal (3rd person) bio here.

Master in Economy University of Amsterdam
CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) passed all exams.

Work history
2010-current: self employed speaker, author and happiness coach
2005-2010: Source Capital High Frequency Trading
1997-2005: Market Maker Option, Future and Stock Market Beursplein 5 Amsterdam

Books and courses
Spiritual Awakening (the easy way)
Open je Ogen

Papa je snapt er helemaal niets van he?

Online Course: Do What You Love and Make it Your Business
Online Course: Body Zen

Current interests and hobbies
I am very much into breathing properly. I use the Wim Hof method for this. See my Youtube channel for more explanation. My ideal day consists of two hours of creativity (writing and creating new dreams), two hours of other work, two hours of yoga and sports, drinking coffee with a nice person and being a daddy and playing with my children (being the stay at home dad). I love to travel, ski, scuba dive, dance and stand on my hands. I can honestly say that my work is my hobby as well. I love to speak on a stage, and help and inspire people.

Wife and four children (aged 17, 15, 13 and 4). We live in Amsterdam.

How to contact me?

Twitter @Tim2Day

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