The 5 stages of freedom Tim van der Vliet

What are the 5 Stages of Freedom?

Hi! Freedom comes in five stages: mental freedom, physical freedom, financial freedom, social freedom and spiritual freedom.

Mental freedom
Mental freedom is about learning how to think differently. Having a flexible mindset is maybe the only thing you need to have a relaxed life style. If you have a flexible mindset nothing in life can bring you down. In any situation you can calm down and see that point of view that works best for you. There is always a point of view that makes anything just right. People may think you are weird sometimes but that is because they fear your mental power. Your focus is amazing. 

Physical freedom
You are healthy. You heal faster than other people and you are most of the time pain free. You go through life with childish energy. You sleep well but without sleep you can perform optimally too. Your weight is optimal and independent of what you eat because you have learned to optimize your metabolism. It seems that your body doesn’t age that fast. 

Financial freedom
When you think about it, money is really not that important. What you want is an abundant lifestyle. Abundance: being able to do what you want to do, whenever you want to do it. Having (more than) enough money is very handy of course.

If money is your highest purpose, you are not free. If you feel that money is dirty or it is wrong to be rich, you are free neither.

Social freedom
You are socially free if you can connect easily to other people. We are in this world to connect with others, not to be lonely. If you can find a happy medium between taking care of yourself and having “me-time” and connecting with other people you are socially free. Can you imagine opening fully to others?

Spiritual freedom
Spiritual freedom is about finding out what is true for you. Everybody has their own truth. Your truth is what works for you best and it is given by your intuition or gut-feeling. Spiritual freedom is finding that gut-feeling and having the guts to make a decision on it. You are able to draw information out of that intuition at all times. You are willing to unbelieve everything that you have learned. Your resilience is ultimate. Your life is epic.

You are free. 

The 5 stages of freedom or not necessarily attainable in a chronological order. They do help each other. For example: becoming more mentally free is helping you to become more socially and physically free and vice versa.

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Thanks and kindest regs,
– Tim van der Vliet